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   Chapter 224 It Finally Dawned On Rocky

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At the moment, only Marin was in the camp. Sheridan had already left for the beast farm just a few moments ago.

"Where have you been?!" Marin shouted, aghast. "Don't you know that it's against the military regulations to go outside without permission?" She glowered at Rocky angrily as soon as she saw him walk in.

"I'm just a feeder. I'm not a soldier or a spirit manipulator. I'm not bound by military regulations," Rocky responded, indifferent to her anger.

"Regardless! As you work in the military camp, it doesn't matter if you are a feeder or whatever, you have to obey the military regulations," Marin snapped back, irritated by Rocky's lackadaisical attitude.

"All right," Rocky responded casually.

"So? Where have you been?" Marin eyed him, curious about where Rocky had actually been over the past few days.

"Nowhere interesting, really. I just hung around downtown." Rocky shrugged, seeming as indifferent as ever. He didn't mention what went on in the Spiritual Fairyland, but he was sure that Isis would tell Marin about it later on. For now, he could really only give her a vague answer.

"I wanted to ask... Were the rumors true?" Marin glanced at Rocky, suspicious of his evasiveness. She wasn't inclined to believe him anyway, as she didn't believe he'd tell her the truth. So she got straight to the point. "I heard that Sheridan took you up as his apprentice."

"I didn't accept the position," Rocky simply answered with a shrug.

"Are you an idiot? Sheridan is an absolutely extraordinary beast tamer and beast curer! Even His Majesty...!" Marin was just starting to get excited, determined to turn Rocky's careless countenance around, but then he cut her off before she could continue.

"Even His Majesty invited him to the Palace City. I've heard all about that." Rocky rolled his eyes, finishing her sentence.

"If you already know, then you should also know that it's an honor. Buckle down, be serious and learn from Sheridan's expertise," Marin retorted coldly.

"It seems that you care about me very much," Rocky teased, familiarity in his tone and his lips curved up in a smirk as he noted Marin's excited reaction.

"Bullshit!" Marin protested, flushing to the roots of her hair with embarrassment.

"Well that's even more reassuring. You'r


'What in the world does Marin want to meet me for?' Rocky wondered, eyes narrowed in suspicion as he walked towards Marin's quarters.

He found Marin reading a letter when he entered the space. Upon seeing Rocky, Marin's expression grew dark and thunderous.

Immediately, Rocky had the hunch that he might be in vast jeopardy. Marin stood and walked towards him, giving him a once-over before she said, "It seems you made quite a sensation while hanging around downtown. The Deputy Commander in Chief herself explicitly sent me a letter that I'm to discuss with you."

"I'm quite honored," Rocky replied with an eyebrow raised. He continued, "And what did the Deputy Commander in Chief say?"

"Well, what do you think she said? If you haven't done anything wrong, then there should be nothing to worry about, is there?" Marin replied, probing.

"I'm not worried about anything. I'm just curious as to why the Deputy Commander in Chief mentioned me," Rocky responded coolly.

"She asked me to tell you that the Heaven Divine is born from fire," Marin answered while casting a suspicious glance at Rocky. She looked mildly confused as this statement made no sense to her. She had no idea why her cousin asked her to send those words to Rocky.

"The Heaven Divine is born from fire?" Rocky repeated thoughtfully, mulling it over. Suddenly his eyes brightened in realization. Without another word, he turned and left.

Marin was left only with more questions than answers as she watched Rocky leave so quickly.

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