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   Chapter 223 Looking For Rocky Everywhere

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6413

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"If the Deputy Commander in Chief has no other orders, I will leave," Rocky said with a magical smile and then turned away.

Isis knew she could make him stay if she wished. Then Rocky would be forced to tell her everything she wanted to know. But the thought of what had happened between them made her dismiss the idea. Besides, if Rocky had the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds, he had to hand it over willingly. She would get nothing if Rocky was forced to do something against his desires. And that would not do.

The Heaven Divine Lotus Seed was the only priceless treasure that could attract Rainbow Glow Unicorn. Without it, nobody could find the legendary spiritual beast.

Frowning, she tried to think of a way out of her dilemma. Rocky strutted away while Isis hesitated. Sighing heavily, she decided to let him go with the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds.

After Rocky left, he ran through the Spiritual Fairyland, looking for the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. Spiritual Fairyland had lots of spiritual beasts. It was impossible to use magical saliva to attract Rainbow Glow Unicorn, because the saliva would also bring out other wild spiritual beasts. That was not a scenario he wanted.

He had to hope he got lucky in Spiritual Fairyland. Half a day passed, and his attempt to locate the Rainbow Glow Unicorn proved fruitless. Instead, he crossed paths with several three-star wild spiritual beasts and had to hide from them. By the end of the day he still had not found the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. Disappointed, he trudged from the Spiritual Fairyland.

Meanwhile, the troops sent by the Crimson Dragon Group had put down the riot caused by Rocky. Numerous wild spirit-manipulated beasts were dead or banished. Unfortunately, the other teams had suffered many casualties. They failed to acquire any Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds or the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, making the price they had paid a heavy one. As the saying went, th

in Chief knew who he really was," Marin said frankly.

"What? Even the Commander in Chief didn't know his identity?" Sheridan stared, mouth agape. It seemed he had a truly excellent and extraordinary apprentice.

"Well, be careful. If he disappears forever after learning your skills, you will be upset." Marin grinned mischievously.

"I will be happy as long as he has learned all my skills," Sheridan said calmly.

"Is he that good?" Marin arched her brows, jealousy in her voice.

"Marin, you didn't feel how different he is? He is a real freak. That's why he is qualified to learn from me," Sheridan said.

"I didn't notice," Marin pouted. Sheridan was famous for being picky and cautious. Seeing him with such high regard for Rocky made Marin even more envious.

"Marin, please, I'm asking again, send your man to look for him as soon as possible. Otherwise, I will have a sleepless night tonight," Sheridan pleaded.

"Fine." Marin called for her men and sent them out to find Rocky.

Rocky knew Sheridan would be upset with him since he had disappeared for a few days. So he went to the northeast military camp first. When he arrived he found the camp in chaos. Everyone was looking for him.

When they saw Rocky, they escorted him to Marin's camp.

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