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   Chapter 222 The Unexpected Encounter

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"The Deputy Commander in Chief?" the team leader repeated. His expression dramatically changed as he did not expect that Rocky would abruptly mention his senior leader, Deputy Commander in Chief, who was a tough woman he didn't dare offend.

"And I forgot to tell you that I and your Deputy Commander in Chief are quite familiar with each other," Rocky bragged proudly. As the spirit manipulators from the Crimson Dragon Group were quite unreasonable, Rocky had to use their senior leader to scare them off. He did not know if it was going to work but he had to try. It was the only idea that dawned on him.

"Hey, brat, are you tired of staying alive or what? How can our Deputy Commander in Chief know you? You are no better than a piece of garbage. You are cracking me up! Let's cut the crap and get down to business. Catch him now!" the team leader ordered ferociously. He certainly wouldn't believe what Rocky just said for all he believed was that Rocky was just bluffing him, trying to take advantage of his leader's authority.

When Rocky realized the team leader wouldn't listen and let go of him, he was at a loss and his mind was racing fast for ideas to get out of his trouble. But before he could come up with another idea, the three spirit manipulators of the team quickly began to catch as ordered. Instinctively, Rocky took a few steps back. Each of the three spirit manipulators' strength was comparable to his. In short, they could catch him easily. So, the best and only way to get rid of his current dilemma was to run away as fast as he could.

At that very moment, the sky above their heads was overshadowed abruptly. Everyone stopped. Rocky looked up and saw three war dragons flying over the sky. The dragon in front had silver scales all over its body, glistening under the shining of the sunlight. At first glance, it looked so mighty and domineering. Meanwhile, they also saw a figure riding on the back of each war dragon.

"It's Silver Wind, the war dragon of Deputy Command in Chief," a spirit manipulator of the team blurted out the moment he spotted the silver war dragon.

When Rocky heard that, he immediately stared at the silver war dragon. He had a careful observation and soon saw a delicate figure was riding on the back of the silver war dragon. Realizing who it was, he laughed and thought wildly, 'What? Speak of the devil and here she comes. What a coincidence!'

Soon, the silver war dragon flew down towards the area where Rocky and the other spirit manipulators stood, while the other two war dragons flew towards the area where the extremely rare Heaven Divine Lotus had just appeared.

After the silver war dragon landed on the ground, it immediately stirred up a gust of wind, spreading dust, sand, and stone. Soon, a figure jumped from the back of the silver war dragon and landed lightly on the ground. Her gracefulne

hat the captain said.

After a moment of thought, she demanded, "I know of it now. You should join the other teams at once. Let me settle this matter with Rocky."

The captain immediately led his other members and left the grounds, leaving Rocky and Isis alone to talk.

"Deputy Commander in Chief, your authority is quite impressive!" Rocky teased as he looked at Isis.

"Do you know what the captain has told me just now?" Isis said with a cold look in her eyes.

"How am I supposed to know that? But I guess it was not something nice about me." Rocky shrugged and smiled.

"Did you get the seeds produced by the Heaven Divine Lotus?" Isis questioned, without beating around the bush.

"What are you talking about? What 'Heaven Divine Lotus'? What seeds? I have never heard of them!" Rocky said innocently. He was playing dumb on purpose. He certainly wouldn't tell Isis that he had acquired the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds. If she knew he got it, she would give her best to get it. He knew her quite well—she wouldn't give up until her purpose was realized.

"Then, tell me, why did the Rainbow Glow Unicorn walk to you?" Isis kept questioning him, reading him for more answers.

"If the Rainbow Glow Unicorn is the beast I saw just now, then I can tell you that I really don't know why it suddenly came to me. Maybe the beast thought that I am innocent, cute and kind, and it is fond of me." Rocky expressed his banter with Isis.

"You..." Isis was choked with rage. Realizing that Rocky was arrogant and fond of teasing, she was greatly annoyed. Her eyes grew sharp and her mind raced fast, 'This guy really doesn't give the respect the Deputy Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group deserves. If others dared to treat me like that, I will take immediate action to teach them a lesson they'll never forget.

Yet, he has been given an exemption from death by my father. What can I do now?'

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