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   Chapter 221 Come With Me

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A dazzling glow flashed into existence, blinding Rocky for a moment and causing him to throw his hand up to shield his eyes against the brilliance. He waited until his eyes got used to the glow before slowly lowering his hand. Standing before him was a spirit-manipulated beast with dragon-like features, cloven hooves, and one horn. The rainbow-colored glow shone around its body, and atop its one-horned head was a golden crown.

"Is this the Rainbow Glow Unicorn?" Rocky tried to remember the detailed description of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, which he learned from the Beast Encyclopedia. Inspecting the beast in front of him, he recognized many similarities from the book. Rocky became convinced that he was looking at the legendary spiritual beast named 'Rainbow Glow Unicorn'. With the recognition came a flutter in his gut.

That flutter of anticipation grew to downright excitement as Rocky noticed that this was a nonage Rainbow Glow Unicorn. It was impossible for him to capture an adult Rainbow Glow Unicorn with his current strength, but he could manage this nonage one. Just the thought of owning such a legendary creature made him grin.

Squinting, Rocky noted that this nonage Rainbow Glow Unicorn was at the second grade of the two-star level, which was close to the strength of an Earthly-staged spirit manipulator. Generally, a spiritual beast was much superior to a war beast. He took a moment to think. If his calculations were right, this Rainbow Glow Unicorn should be at the same level as the first or second grade of the Earthly Stage, but absolutely below the third grade. A smile crept over the corner of his lips. He was at the third grade of the Earthly Stage now, which meant he had the capacity of capturing this Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

While Rocky was thinking how to capture it, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn took the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed in its mouth, raised its head, and swallowed it at once.

For a moment, Rocky's heart ached at losing a Heaven Divine Lotus Seed, a priceless treasure that would have served him well in his quest to reach the next grade. But he soon comforted himself that it would be a minor sacrifice if he succeeded in capturing the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

After the Rainbow Glow Unicorn finished the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed, its deer-like eyes landed on Rocky, as if it had realized that he had two more seeds. But it didn't launch any attacks on Rocky to take away the seeds from him. The beast seemed to know he was way stronger than itself. Then the beast turned tail and galloped away.

"Good boy! Come here! Come here!" Rocky gave chase. As Rocky was chasing after the unicorn, he took out the bottle of magical saliva and opened it up.

When the Rainbow Glow Unicor

ny seeds!" Rocky said innocently while putting back his magical saliva.

"Stop lying! If you didn't have the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed, how could you attract the Rainbow Glow Unicorn?" The leader's narrowed eyes said he knew Rocky was pretending to be ignorant of the situation. "I saw the Rainbow Glow Unicorn approach you voluntarily. And you fit the description of the person who took the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds." The leader stretched his senses out to Rocky. He frowned as wondering, 'Why are this person's traces so weak? How is it possible that such a lousy spirit manipulator could get the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed?'

"Rainbow Glow Unicorn? I have never heard it before! Do you mean that spiritual beast?" Rocky shrugged and turned his hands up, feigning his ignorance.

"You don't want to tell the truth, right? Fine! Grab him and search him!" the leader ordered.

Soon, three spirit manipulators circled Rocky. They all matched him in level.

"You have no right to do this! No laws or rules allow you to do this to me! Since when are the spirit manipulators of the Crimson Dragon Group able to ignore the law?" Rocky asked, shooting a cold glare at the leader.

"Dude! This is the territory of the Crimson Dragon Group. What we say counts the most. We are the laws and rules. Nobody would blame us even if we killed you right now," the leader shot back, with a malicious grin on his face.

The other spirit manipulators laughed as hearing their leader's words. They obviously felt the same way about Rocky. To them, he was an insignificant insect.

"Really? I hope you have the same great speech when I report this to your Deputy Commander in Chief," Rocky sneered and folded his arms in front of his chest.

The leader and other spirit manipulators froze, eyes bulging as they stared at Rocky.

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