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   Chapter 220 Kill Them All

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8184

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"Did they become friends?" Rocky laughed grimly. He suddenly stopped and gave a glance at the three Earthly-staged spirit manipulators and their spirit-manipulated beasts.

With lessons drawn from their previous mistakes, the three spirit manipulators had no hesitation in surrounding Rocky in case the he would play tricks again.

"Boy, give the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds to us. And in return I would show mercy to you and let you off," the strongest among the three spirit manipulators shouted as he pointed at Rocky.

"Well, to whom, among you, should I give it to?" Rocky asked, staring coldly at the three Earthly-staged spirit manipulators. The man in blue at the second grade was the most powerful among them, while the other two were at the first grade. If each of them fought alone, victory for Rocky was doable. However, if they joined hands including their spirit-manipulated beasts, Rocky would then be confronted with six opponents. Without Uriah's assistance, the situation was a knotty problem. Therefore, Rocky must drive wedges in order to defeat them one by one.

"Surely... The three of us... Give the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds to me and I promise I won't hurt you," the strongest spirit manipulator said in a benign countenance as he decided to preserve his own interests. Resting his eyes on Rocky, the man walked towards him.

Meanwhile, the other two spirit manipulator also came over to Rocky for fear that the strongest spirit manipulator wearing blue would selfishly take the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds alone.

In the blink of an eye, they all pressed on towards Rocky.

"How about this: I will give one seed to each one of you at a time and after taking it, each one of you should leave right away. I feel safer with fewer people. If you refused my proposal, I would have these Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds destroyed," Rocky said as he took out a seed, dimly twinkling from his pocket.

The three spirit manipulators, with their eyes wide-open, couldn't hide their greed at the sight of the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed.

"Give it to me first! I just need one of them. And I promise to leave once I get it," one of the spirit manipulators said. Lured by the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed, he was desperate to get one which was better than none.

"How would that work? What should we do if he cheated on us? He must hand over three Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds all at once!" the spirit manipulator in blue insisted. He wa

the Nebula Cloud Transformation which was so tempestuous that the three spirit manipulators were shrouded in it.

Besides Rocky's stronger power, the previous fight had caused great reduction to the three spirit manipulators and only the spirit manipulator in blue had strength to spare to resist the Nebula Cloud Transformation. The other two spirit manipulators at the first grade of the Earthly Stage were violently hit by the Nebula Cloud Transformation and were thrown over a far distance. Unfortunately, they were unable to pick themselves up.

"Damn it. You have been always concealing your real power. We're all fooled by you," the spirit manipulator in blue yelled at Rocky while staring at him with a frenzy of rage. Having run out power, he knew it was too late to regret anything he had done.

"Give the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed back to me and go away! Or..." Rocky said with cruel coldness.

The spirit manipulator in blue grinded his teeth with reluctance. He knew he must do as Rocky said or he would be killed as he couldn't escape from Rocky who was more powerful.

However, he still worried that Rocky would kill him to keep his mouth shut when he gave back the seed. Staring at the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed on his hand, the spirit manipulator in blue suddenly threw it into the distance.

When Rocky ran to catch the seed, the spirit manipulator in blue ran away.

However, as Rocky was about to get the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed, a beast, emitting colorful light showed up. It vigorously strode its slender limbs with overwhelming momentum and rushed towards the Heaven Divine Lotus Seed in the air.

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