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   Chapter 219 Runaway

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7332

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The spirit manipulators at the Earthly Stage with their spirit-manipulated beasts ran after Rocky. But they didn't go forward as Rocky stopped. Keeping a fair distance from Rocky may be safer at the moment. They felt their auras radiate even though they could not physically see each other.

Each of them knew that the other spirit manipulators also wanted to get Rocky's Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds. Besides, the situation was quite clear that the one who launched attacks late would be more likely to earn the seeds without working hard for them.

In the eyes of the spirit manipulators at the Earthly Stage, Rocky was a total nobody. Though they didn't know how Rocky got the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds, they were sure that Rocky would be unable to maintain the eggs. Therefore, no matter who got the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds from Rocky first, he would definitely become the next target.

They were powerful but they were also just at the Earthly Stage, which meant that a protracted battle would undoubtedly cripple them. As a result, the one who attacked last would have a greater chance obtaining the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds.

In this case, the spirit manipulators at the Earthly Stage just waited and watched until someone attacked first.

Time passed and Rocky stood still as well as his fellow spirit manipulators at the Earthly Stage stood against him. They were merely observing the movements of Rocky through the chunks of leaves from a distance. They remained in a stalemate, but no one preferred to take the lead to break it.

Surrounded, Rocky understood that the spirit manipulators were waiting to profit from the others' conflicts. That was why he stopped running. Instead of being chased, he stopped and tried to gain the initiative.

Suddenly, a rumble came and instantly, the dense forest over there trembled.

Those spirit manipulators also noticed the abnormal noise and became on guard.

At that point, a beast in the shape of a rhinoceros rushed out of the forest and darted towards Rocky. With a strong aura, it was a wild spirit-manipulated beast at the second grade of three-stars at least.

Immediately, the spirit-manipulated beasts beside the spirit

t manipulators were pinned down by the massive beast.

The three spirit manipulators held pace with their spirit-manipulated beasts in a mad rush to be the first. On the other hand, Rocky was speeding along just ahead of them.

"Damn! That lad is weak but runs fast," one of the spirit manipulators grumbled.

They didn't know each other, but they all aimed at seizing the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds from Rocky. It was preferable for them to work together.

"We seem to have been fooled by the lad! Here is an idea. Let's kill him together and we share the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds equally. That's pretty fair since there are, in total, three Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds," the spirit manipulator in a blue robe forwarded. He was the most powerful spirit manipulator among them.

"That makes sense. The lad will take the benefits if we fight against each other. No one will suffer losses if we share it equally among ourselves."

"Alright. That's a deal, then."

The three spirit manipulators reached an agreement and planned to deal with Rocky with their joint efforts. However, each of them were selfish and greedy, and thought about grabbing the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds first when Rocky was subdued and turning away with no consideration for the other two spirit manipulators.

Rocky noticed that the three spirit manipulators, who appeared to have come to an agreement, were in hot pursuit of him. The crisis was around the corner once more.

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