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   Chapter 218 Playing The Game

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However, Hob had also climbed up the cliff during the chaos. Rocky had never expected that to happen there. Rocky was ahead of Hob for a moment and recognized Hob immediately. Then, Rocky hid himself at once. He planned to launch a sneak attack behind when Hob was about to get the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds.

Hob was quick to react and faced Rocky's surprised attack, leaving Rocky with a failed attempt.

"Fuck! You again? You've spoiled my plan last time and since then, I have been looking for you. Great! Let me teach you a good lesson now, asshole!" Hob's eyes reddened and widened in anger as he recognized Rocky. After what happened between him and Rocky, he swore he would avenge himself and tear Rocky apart!

Rocky shot a cold glare at Hob, and then he headed straight for the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds. Obviously, he had ignored Hob's presence and sentiments.

Rocky had succeeded in stirring the anger inside Hob's chest. The fury had burned his rationality into ashes. He would never let Rocky take away the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds in front of him. Besides, Hob was quite confident about himself because he just reached the second grade of the Earthly Stage. He thought of being neck to neck with Rocky at this point in time.

Calculating with full certainty on his part, however, Hob didn't know that Rocky had reached the third grade of the Earthly Stage.

"Asshole! You are going to die!" Hob broke out finally. He clenched his fist and charged towards Rocky. He had channeled all of his strength into his fist and showed no mercy to Rocky.

Hob's attack was under Rocky's expectation and Rocky had already prepared himself for this moment. When Hob's fist was only an inch away from his face, he brandished the Frozen Wind Dagger in his hand and threw a blade-shaped force of spiritual power at Hob.

With a loud bang, the blade-shaped force collided with Hob's fist, giving out speeding light.

Hob's fist trembled fiercely under the forceful collision and he took a step back for he failed to withstand the power. He could tell that the strike from Rocky was far stronger than his. However, he thought the reason why he couldn't take Rocky's attack was merely because he wasn't fully prepared then. To his knowledge, he could not believe someone could reach the third stage from the second grade of the Earthly Stage in such a short period of time. Truth to be told, Hob had to admit that Rocky was a worthy opponent.

Moments after, Hob charged towards Rocky again. He had made up his mind this time. The moment he fully activated his

ner. Though obtained, the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds could not be refined immediately by anyone and this gave each spirit manipulator the opportunity to take away the seeds from Rocky. What Rocky needed to do now was to leave the Spiritual Fairyland and then to refine the seeds in a covert place.

It was a critical period for Rocky to rush and leave the Spiritual Fairyland because now was the perfect time for others to rob him of the seeds. The real competition started right now.

After a while, Rocky saw more than five spirit manipulators following behind him and they were all at the Earthly Stage.

"That explains why! There are only one or two Earthly Stage spirit manipulators in those squads. The other Earthly Stage spirit manipulators have been waiting for someone else to take the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds, and take away the seeds from the one! That's me, then!" Rocky whispered to himself.

He believed that those Earthly Stage spirit manipulators would take action soon. They would try their best to stop him and take the seeds away from him. It would not be a problem for Rocky if he were facing only a single Earthly Stage spirit manipulator, but now there were more than five of them behind him!

Rocky was put into another dilemma. No matter how those Earthly Stage spirit manipulators worked together or fought against him, Rocky would be the biggest loser in the end. He had to turn the tables.

Meanwhile, several figures ran towards Rocky from all directions, circling around him. He would meet a worthy opponent no matter which direction he headed for.

"Well! Let me play some games with you guys!" Rocky stopped suddenly as an evil smile crept over the corner of his lips.

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