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   Chapter 217 Unexpected Thing

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8157

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The spirit manipulators of Crimson Dragon Group were anxious to see a Centipede-snake rampaging and rushing to the Heaven Divine Lotus as they waited for the Rainbow Glow Unicorn to appear. If the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds became the food of the Centipede-snake, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn would definitely never reveal itself. That meant all the work they had done these days would be for nothing. If so, it also meant they would fail to carry out their task and get past the Commander in Chief.

The two captains of the teams made a quick decision to guide their team members and rush to the Centipede-snake along with their tens of two-star or three-star spirit-manipulated beasts.

The spiritual manipulators in this team were all above the Earthly Stage, and there was no doubt that their strength was exceptional. Guided by a three-star spirit-manipulated beast, several two-star spirit-manipulated beasts skimmed over the head of the Centipede-snake as quickly as a flash. And then they turned around to start a brutal attack on the head of the Centipede-snake.

The Centipede-snake was distracted by being attacked. It gave up its attempt to consume the Heaven Divine Lotus and sprayed venom in the direction of the spirit-manipulated beasts in the air. The spirit manipulators of Crimson Dragon Group landed in front of the Centipede-snake. Together with their spirit-manipulated beasts, and at their earliest speed, they began a brutal attack. The Centipede-snake, who was attacked by them, died in a second.

Some of the stronger spirit manipulators had fought for the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds, but the sudden appearance of Centipede-snake caused a high death toll. This created an opportunity for the spirit manipulators who had left behind.

Eventually, a number of these spirit manipulators rushed towards the cliff. Tod and his team were among them as well. Hob's team was in front. They didn't join the previous fight because Hob had anticipated that the spirit manipulators who approached the Heaven Divine Lotus in advance would not be able to get it. With that in mind, he realized casualties were inevitable. And Hob, a person who knew nothing but scheming, would like to steal the Heaven Divine Lotus when the others were all off guard.

At this point, Hob was arrogant, and he thought his plan was brilliant. If they had joined the fight, they would have also suffered serious losses like the other teams.

All t

e man who made a sneak attack on Hob was no one else, but Rocky.

When Rocky blocked the Centipede-snake, Tod and other spirit manipulators retreated. He was not a fool to waste time on fighting with this Centipede-snake. He tried to confuse the Centipede-snake by tricking it into running through the bushes along with him in the Spiritual Fairyland, and then got a right chance to accomplish his plan. He climbed on the back of the Centipede-snake and tied the bottle filled with magical saliva on its tail.

When the Centipede-snake had been chasing Rocky in the Spiritual Fairyland, a lot of wild spirit-manipulated beasts smelt the magical saliva and were drawn.

It was a very interesting scenery. The Centipede-snake was chasing Rocky, while a large group of wild spirit-manipulated beasts were chasing the magical saliva on the tail of the Centipede-snake. Afterward, Rocky brought the Centipede-snake to the area near the cliff. Not long after, the Heaven Divine Lotus produced Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds. Attracted by it, the Centipede-snake was out of control and raced to the Heaven Divine Lotus.

Sensing the aura of the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds and magical saliva, the wild spirit-manipulated beasts following Centipede-snake gathered in this region.

It was all instigated and controlled by Rocky. He climbed from the other side of the pit to the edge of the cliff when everybody was distracted by the Centipede-snake and the other wild beasts. He waited for the right moment when the wild beasts started to clash with the spirit manipulators, so he could take away the three Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds.

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