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   Chapter 216 Embracing The Glory

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The spirit manipulators from the other squads began whispering among themselves when they saw the rare treasures in front of them, and they began imagining among themselves what else this place might hold.

"Is tha- that the coveted Heaven Divine Lotus? That ranks number eight on the Rare Treasure List! It's a priceless piece of treasure!"

"I heard that the Heaven Divine Lotus is a spiritual treasure, which can move on itself, and it's difficult to catch one. It remains elusive to the most of the population and we're lucky enough to see it here in front of us!"

"And there, there lies rich spiritual power... in those seeds. The seeds have the same power of the Dark Heaven Insect's eggs. They also have shown capabilities to greatly improve a spirit-manipulator's strength. Yet, these Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds are much superior! The Heaven Divine Lotus only bears three seeds, all yielded at the same time, every thirty years. And after the lotus has produced the seeds, it will bury itself, worm its way into ground, and appear in another place after another thirty years. That's why it is such of rarity and precious value. Finding it is one thing, but seeing it in its full glory is another."

"Wow! We are going to make a great fortune today! A single piece of seed is worth millions or even more than the millions we could imagine!"

However, with the priceless Heaven Divine Lotus in front of them, none of the spirit manipulators dared to take any action at all; they all seemed to wait fervently for something they had been expecting for the longest time.

The Heaven Divine Lotus was near its end of yielding the seeds, readying itself to spurt out for the spirit manipulators to see. Only when the lotus stopped glinting could the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds be taken and harvested by the spirit manipulators. They would not get anything good even if they were to make a movement right now.

Besides, the squads of those spirit manipulators were tasked with another mission: to capture the elusive Rainbow Glow Unicorn. Now, they were waiting for not only the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds but also the apparition of the rare spiritual beast, which they were hoping to see and to catch.

Although a Heaven Divine Lotus Seed was considered a majestic and priceless piece of object, one dared not to be compared with a rare spiritual beast at all, especially with a Rainbow Glow Unicorn, the third on the Spiritual Beast List. If the Heaven Divine Lotus Seeds were considered priceless, what more could it be for the Rainbow Glow Unicorn? None of the spirit manipulators could not be attracted by such a terrific and fantastic spiritual beast. Seeing it could be their final wish as it resounded beauty and divinity.

But all the spirit manipulators present on the ground knew all well that it would be impossible for them to catch the Rainbow G

on Dragon Group still stayed motionless. Although they yearned for the Heaven Divine Lotus and its seeds as well, they were on another mission—they had to wait for the appearance of the Rainbow Glow Unicorn. If the Rainbow Glow Unicorn had been attracted to the Spiritual Fairyland, it would definitely appear at once.

On the other hand, some spirit manipulators were closely around the top of the cliff already. The moment an intense fight was about to start, a loud bang came out from the near forest suddenly and the earth trembled.

All the spirit manipulators turned to look at the source of the sound at once. They believed that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn had arrived.

The two squads of the Crimson Dragon Group got nervous immediately and prepared to catch the beast at any moment.

However, they were greeted with a centipede-like spirit-manipulated beast. The wild beast seemed to have lost control and charged towards the cliff angrily. As its tail swept over, many of the spirit manipulators were thrown away before they reacted to its appearance.

"Is that the Centipede-snake Rookie was fighting against?!" Tod yelled out of shock. He looked around and didn't see Rocky, so he thought Rocky had been killed by the Centipede-snake after losing the fight.

It seemed that the Centipede-snake was also attracted by the Heaven Divine Lotus. Seeing all the spirit manipulators getting in its way, the Centipede-snake stood high and aimed its toxic stings at them immediately. The spirit manipulators, who were close to the Heaven Divine Lotus, fell down with their spirit-manipulated beasts and smashed onto the ground.

With a loud bang, the Centipede-snake was hitting against the cliff. Among clouds of sand, it rose up and went across the cliff, opening its mouth towards the Heaven Divine Lotus. At rendezvous, it was ready to swallow down the Heaven Divine Lotus with the three seeds.

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