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   Chapter 213 Took The Green Hand Along

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That day, as Rocky had raced to the Spiritual Fairyland, he hid his carriage in a secret corner, then set foot in the Fairyland alone. The moment Rocky reached the beautiful scenery of the Spiritual Fairyland, he was able to feel the threat lurking there. Due to his past encounters with the spirit-manipulated beast, he could sense the beast's presence everywhere. And it was very strong, too.

With the utmost caution, Rocky marched along the footsteps left by the other spirit manipulators. He saw many bodies of spirit-manipulated beasts along the way, as well as some bodies of other spirit-manipulators. Yet, thanks to the efforts of those predecessors who removed the obstacles on the way, Rocky was now able to reach the interior of the Spiritual Fairyland without any trouble.

Rocky knew that it would not be an easy task to find either the precious treasure or the Rainbow Glow Unicorn even if they really existed in this Fairyland. Although he could now enticed the Rainbow Glow Unicorn to show up by magical saliva, he might not be able to subdue it by his current cultivation base. After all, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn was comparatively strong. Rather than risking his chance, he would like to observe the situation for a little longer in order to establish a good haunt. At this point, it was the best choice for him to blend in within the group of spirit manipulators, so that he would not have to deal with the unnecessary risk on his own.

Suddenly, he was struck by a thought as he watched those spirit manipulators for a few seconds. Rocky squatted down and smeared his robe and his face with the dirt on the ground. And he seemed to have just emerged from an extreme circumstance. Then, he rushed in to the spirit manipulators in a panic expression.

Gathered under the old tree, the spirit manipulators were on immediate alert as they saw the bushes vibrating violently a few meters away. In secret, they had gathered their spiritual power ready to fight for any possible attacks. At that moment, they saw a dirty and messy man coming from behind the tree.

"Help!" The scrambling figure was, of course, Rocky. He hurled toward the spirit manipulators, as if fleeing from some terrifying and deadly beast that was running after him.

The spirit manipulators looked warily at the back of Rocky, as his panicking flight made them anxious about the situation. Yet, after some tense moments of safety, nothing came up. They turned to check Rocky's build and observe the extent of his strength. The spirit manipulators immediately realized that it was just Rocky who had overreacted. The realization made them break into fits of laughter. "Hey, aren't you overestimating yourself? How dare you come to the Spiritual Fairyland? Do you want to die here?" one of the spirit manipulators asked.

"Oh, my brothers, help me out!" Rocky sprinted in front of the spirit manipulators as he cried, still in great fear.

"Is this guy losing his mind? Why is he still yelling for help, even though nothing is coming up?" Asked by one of the spirit manipulators with disdain as he glared at t

he sixth grade of the Mortal Stage. The strongest ones would be barely equal to the spirit manipulators at the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage. However, it was another story in the second district. The power of the wild spirit-manipulated beasts was much stronger in this district.

They encountered two wild spirit-manipulated beasts which were equal to the spirit manipulator at the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage shortly after they reached the second district. The two beasts were well-built and vicious in nature.

"Everybody, disperse and exterminate them now!" Upon Tod's command, all the spirit manipulators split with their own spirit-manipulated beasts immediately to encircle the two wild spirit-manipulated beast. They spread out a formation they used to engage with other wild beasts in the first district.

Almost immediately, Rocky withdrew himself from the group to see how Tod led the spirit manipulators to battle the two powerful wild spirit-manipulated beasts.

Rocky had to admit that as the leader of the group, Tod was capable enough. He knew exactly where the Achilles' heel was of both wild beasts. Even though the average cultivation base of the group barely reached the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage, they were overpowering the battle with their number and the leadership of Tod.

Eventually, they subdued the two wild beasts roughly half an hour later. With the exception of Tod, every spirit manipulator sat down on the ground, panting exhaustedly. The smug image of them in the first district was gone. They looked worn out now. Although the two wild spirit-manipulated beasts were defeated, some spirit manipulators were also hurt in combat. This was because the wild beasts were stronger in the second district.

Although Rocky was content to be a spectator, he would have done it in less than half an hour without any trouble on his own. But he had made up his mind that he wouldn't do anything unless he had to. He wanted to preserve his power for the treasure and subdue the spiritual beast that he was looking for.

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