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   Chapter 212 Capture The Rainbow Glow Unicorn

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The Spiritual Fairyland was a land filled with spiritual energy. It was a place where birds freely sang, and flowers gave forth their aromatic fragrance. Amid this paradise, there roamed wild spirit-manipulated beasts. The three-star beasts, which were rarely seen at the Gehenna Border, were seen everywhere here.

Humans seldom visited the Spiritual Fairyland, including the ordinary spirit manipulators. It was because once a man entered the paradise, he could not return back.

Very few people had seen it personally. Rumors about the Spiritual Fairyland filled the tales of many folklore. The most popular one was the story of a certain kind of treasure that would appear every once in two hundred years. Because of this, many spiritual beasts nearby would be attracted there.

However, despite a lot of people believing in the existence of the treasure, many were reluctant to brave the land. They feared that gambling their lives away in the Spiritual Valley to search for the treasure wasn't worth the risk. Till a few days ago, a spirit manipulator passed by the Spiritual Fairyland and accidentally saw a spirit-manipulated beast entered it. The beast emitted a colorful glow in the shape of a Kylin with a gold comb. It looked exactly the same as the Rainbow Glow Unicorn, which ranked the third on the Spiritual Beast List of the Wild Spirit Land.

The news of the spirit manipulator's discovery spread like wildfire, instantly causing a sensation in the Evian City. Many believed that if it was true, it meant that the Rainbow Glow Unicorn was attracted by a particular treasure in the Spiritual Fairyland.

According to lore, the spiritual beasts were sensitive to treasures. Therefore, they could always know of the existence of treasures in an area like in the Spiritual Fairyland.

It was extremely likely that a specific treasure had indeed emerged in the Spiritual Fairyland, luring the Rainbow Glow Unicorn.

So, it was crucial to claim the famed treasure. With the help of it, the Rainbow Glow Unicorn would be captured. That was to say, one could get two treasures in just a single raid. If one was not lucky to find the treasure, he had to be patient and allow the Rainbow Glow Unicorn


"It's difficult enough to capture it! Its appearance will surely causes quite a stir. So I guess not," Tod said based on his experience.

"That's right. Even we haven't found it, let alone others. Tod earns his living by hunting wild spirit-manipulated beasts and becomes a well-known hunter in the Evian City. Aside from this, he sells treasures to the Super Beast Farm. He is more experienced in hunting wild spirit-manipulated beasts than us. We should trust him," a spirit manipulator with yellow hair shouted.

"Thanks. Don't mention that. The Super Beast Farm lately refuses to buy the treasures from the wild spirit-manipulated beasts I hunt," Tod said with a wry smile.

"How come? I remember the Super Beast Farm used to be keen on those treasures from you," the spirit manipulator with yellow hair exclaimed.

"I don't know. I heard that a man sold some two-star treasures to the Super Beast Farm two months ago. From then on, the Super Beast Farm prefers to buy rare treasures rather than the ordinary ones I get..." Tod shook his head.

At the moment, the figure hiding behind the tree grinned and muttered, "It seems that someone who lives on hunting wild spirit-manipulated beasts is about to lose his job because of my treasures. That's my fault, though I don't want to. The magical saliva always attract powerful wild spirit-manipulated beast for me."

The figure was Rocky, who had just arrived at the Spiritual Fairyland from the Evian City.

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