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   Chapter 211 The Journey To The Spiritual Fairyland Begins! (Part Two)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7217

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"Well, Mr. Bai, you have ordered 10 custom-made surgical tools with a quite complicated design. The price is much higher than I expected. After adding up all the cost and deducting some discounts, the exact total cost is forty thousand," Shawn said slowly. He was quite uncertain if Rocky would accept the total amount. If not, Shawn was willing to give additional discounts for his VIP customer. He was about to offer a discount to Rocky when…

"All right!" Rocky said confidently, not minding the amount Shawn had asked for. He then took out different bills from his pocket—four golden bills worth ten thousand each and one golden bill worth one thousand. He gave them directly to Shawn. The golden bill worth one thousand was Rocky's gift to Shawn for this hard work.

Shawn happily accepted the golden bills and put them in his pocket.

After this, Rocky beckoned Shawn to come closer to him. Shawn obediently adhered with his ears turned to Rocky.

"There is a few three-star materials in the two baskets I brought today. If you can sell them at a good price, I will give you half of the revenue," Rocky whispered to Shawn. During Shawn's last auction, Rocky witnessed how good he was at selling items. He believed Shawn could sell anything at a higher price. Now, he knew that his several three-star materials could be sold at a good price if Shawn would be the one handling and marketing them at the auction. Therefore, it was just fitting that he offered a big bonus to encourage Shawn to work hard on selling his items.

When Shawn heard about the three-star materials in the baskets, his eyes widened in astonishment and his face glowed. He was caught off guard by this offer because in a year, his store could only get one or two three-star materials. But now could be his luckiest day because Rocky had brought a few of the three-star materials to him. If he told others about it, he bet no one would believe him because it was indeed a once in a blue moon opportunity.

So, without any hesitation, Shawn accepted the offer. He estimated that those three-star materials could be exchanged for at least twenty thousand to thirty thousand go

rare items. After considering his options and circumstances, he got up and said without hesitation, "I'll leave these two baskets here at your store. You can start the auction of those things whenever you like. When the auction is done, I'll get the money." After that, he put the surgical tools wrapped in leather then left the store.

Shawn was once again left in awe by Rocky. He thought that Rocky was too young and stupid to trust someone he met only for a few occasions with these items. But at the same time, Shawn felt honored that Rocky chose him to take care of these items and trusted him to make money out of the auction for him. He wouldn't want to break that trust at any cost. Shawn murmured to himself, "This young lad didn't even think that I could embezzle these if I want to. But of course, I wouldn't. He may be young, but he is not an ordinary person."

After leaving the Super Beast Farm, Rocky drove straight to the Spiritual Fairyland which was southwest of the Evian City. He didn't want to waste the opportunity to get the extremely rare treasure and the spiritual beast. It would be a pity if he wouldn't join the adventure there. Moreover, his magical saliva had a fatal appeal to the spirit-manipulated beast. Even if he couldn't find the extremely rare treasure, at least he could lure the spiritual beast out. It would still be a win situation for him. Perhaps, fate had something in store for him today.

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