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   Chapter 210 The Journey To The Spiritual Fairyland Begins! (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7072

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Rocky had just completed his theoretical research for the day about the spirit-manipulated beasts in the abandoned house. He sat back in his chair to relax then stretched his body. His bones cracked a little and he felt relieved. He figured that he must have been too consumed by the research. With nothing else to do for the day, he went out of the house. He was welcomed by the sight of Uriah and Rubygon happily playing at the center of the Ghost Village, and a gentle smile crossed his face. He could not remember the last time he saw his two spirit-manipulated beasts playing like children. As he watched them play, he could not help but wonder at how strong and big Rubygon had grown. It seemed just yesterday when Rubygon was like a tiny cub. Now, it had grown into the size of a big wolf dog.

Uriah felt Rocky's presence as soon as he emerged from the door. It abruptly stopped playing and dashed towards its master. Uriah obediently sat in front of Rocky and howled twice to him. Rubygon followed suit and walked towards Rocky. But before settling down like Uriah, it ran around Rocky twice. After this, Rubygon finally returned to Uriah's side. Somehow, Rocky felt as if Rubygon was annoyed at him because he didn't spend time playing with them.

For the past two months, Rocky had been working on a brain nerve stimulation on Rubygon. However, it seemed that the simulation was not effective because he could not see any changes in Rubygon's mental growth. Unlike Uriah, Rubygon was still like a young beast—naughty and naive. Now, only Uriah could pacify the child-like Rubygon.

"I have to leave for a while. Both of you stay here and don't run around. Understood?" Rocky said. Although the message was for both of his spirit-manipulated beasts, he looked directly at Uriah as he was speaking. Rocky knew that only Uriah would listen and adhere to his command. He also knew that Uriah would take care of Rubygon while he was away. He left Uriah and Rubygon for a while, went to the abandoned house next door, and pulled out two large baskets from the house. The baskets were full of different materials

Mr. Huang, where are the things I asked you to make for me?" Rocky asked lightly as he looked at Shawn's surprised face.

"Ah! Mr. Bai, you've come at the right time! I already have the things you ordered two days ago. However, I didn't know how to tell you and I'm worried you might have forgotten about them. But it seems that fate had its way of telling you!" Shawn answered enthusiastically with his hand cupped. He then ordered one of his staff to fetch the ten surgical tools that Rocky had ordered.

The staff brought the order in as Shawn instructed. It was wrapped in layers of fine leather. The staff then carefully handed it to the guest. Rocky's eyes glimmered in excitement and he could feel his heartbeat from his chest. His eyes were focused on the item on his hand that everything around him seemed to disappear. When he unwrapped the leather, he found the surgical tools neatly placed inside the leather and arranged by size and length.

He took them out one by one and carefully checked the quality. They were all made according to his specifications. He also noted the exquisite workmanship and he could tell that the surgical tools were at par with those made by modern craftsmanship. He looked at Shawn and nodded, "I'm impressed! They are all good!" He put each surgical tool back inside the leather and re-wrapped it. He then turned to Shawn and asked, "So, how much do I owe you?"

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