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   Chapter 209 Level Up

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"What a pity! There is only one piece." Rocky frowned sadly. He was very fond of that piece of knife. It would have been a perfect scalpel which would significantly help him with his study.

It was a common phenomena to have gene studies and experiments by dissecting the genetic beasts in the modern world. Everything was easily accessible. He could easily acquire the materials he needed as well as a laboratory to work on. Research was fast-paced and people discovered new things every day. But in this world, dissecting the genetic beast for study was not so easy, especially without the help of apparatus and equipment for operation and aseptic laboratory.

Technically speaking, it was attainable to increase understanding the body structure of various spirit-manipulated beast by dissecting. Studying the spirit-manipulated beasts would give the researcher information of the things that hadn't been discovered yet. According to his observation on Sheridan's daily treatment of spirit-manipulated beast, Rocky knew that the work of Beast Curing Skill was more like a traditional Chinese medicine. They usually did surgical diagnosis that was the most common and frequent method to treat spirit-manipulated beast, without any dissecting and operative treatment. Of course, there were other methods he could use which mostly involved highly specialized equipment, but that wasn't readily available at that world. If surgical tools were available and modern medicine theory was introduced, it would allow him to operate a minor operation on any part of the spirit-manipulated beast body for curing. This would be a complementary for Beast Curing Skill. This would not only optimize treatment, but also lead to various discoveries about the spirit-manipulated beast.

The idea just occurred in his mind when he saw this knife. In that world, that kind of knife wasn't easy to find. Based on his knowledge about spirit-manipulated beast and his own capability, it was possible for him to start dissecting and performing a minor operation in this world. The thought excited him. He might just pioneer modern technology and research in this world. He could further learn Beast Curing Skill from Sheridan later. Combining Beast Curing Skill with modern operation, he would improve this world's technology in Beast Curing Skill.

"Sir, do you like this knife?" The boss said as if reading his thoughts. He must have assumed that based on Rocky's reaction. Rocky grinned. Of course, he was ecstatic to get that knife as soon as possible. However, he still needed a couple more things aside from the knife.

"It will be terrific if there were a few different types more. Tweezers and scissor are also necessary..." Rocky rubbed his jaw.

"If you want more, Buck Knife Shop could provide the customized service for you. But, you should be prepared to pay a large sum of fee for this. I spent 2000 golden coins in purchasing this knife. It will cost you approximately 3000 for customizing it." The boss explained. That knife did not come for a cheap price, especially if they had to customize it. Still, Rocky wasn't worried at all.

"Money is not an issue. Can you help me in cu

everyone agape. It wasn't like anything they had ever seen.

The man who created the miracle was nobody else but Rocky.

Of course, the success was attributed to three Dark Heaven Insects. It wasn't all just because of Rocky's capabilities. The three insects produced four preliminary Dark Heaven Eggs within two months. Aside from that, Rocky had a middle Dark Heaven Egg. This was another leap and a big step for Rocky to use his power with the magic effect of Dark Heaven Egg.

However, this still didn't satisfy Rocky. He kept looking for other nests of Dark Heaven Insect in northeastern military camp in these two months. He swept through every nook and cranny to find more. Unfortunately, his luck had run out. His search was in vain because he found nothing. Anyway, he collected materials and rare things from many star-two wild spirit-manipulated beasts, and a few materials from three-star beasts.

"I wonder if they have finished producing my surgical tools." Rocky rose to leave the house. He wanted to check the progress of his surgical tools. He had moved to the Ghost Village from the military camp to nurture Dark Heaven Insects one month ago. During that time, little Rubygon grew into the last stage as a cub, and it was a lot higher and naughtier than before. It felt reluctant to stay indoors and was eager to play outside. However, if his secret of raising spirit-manipulated beast was revealed, he would be in so much trouble. That was also why he preferred to move to the Ghost Village. Here, it was an expansive and suitable place to train little Rubygon, especially when it entered into a new state. The place wasn't also as restricting as the military camp.

Every morning, Rocky would come back to military camp and learn the Beast Taming Skill from Sheridan. He spent the rest of the day staying in the Ghost Village. This small Ghost Village had become his experimental base. A lab was in his schedule to be set up for studying the spirit-manipulated beast after the surgical tools were ready. His excitement grew because he would soon be able to use this lab for his experiments.

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