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   Chapter 208 The Theory Of Taming Spirit-Manipulated Beasts

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With Sheridan's long but precise lectures, Rocky was made aware that his way of nourishing Uriah and Little Rubygon had its shortcomings. Though he fed them based on the ideas in the modern world and followed the rules and regulations to the letter, he knew that he could do so much better than that. There was nothing to blame but his lack of experience with spirit-manipulated beasts. He only had few encounters with them; therefore, there was still so much to know on how to properly nourish and nurture a spirit-manipulated beast.

He remembered Uriah's bizarre growth during its final cub stage. But it happened by accident – or by fate as what Rocky would want to believe. When Uriah had eaten a yellow spiritual crystal by mistake, Rocky thought it would die. Everything went blur for Rocky at that moment. However, to his surprise, something unexpected happened instead – Uriah instantly reached the adult age as a spirit-manipulated beast at the second grade of the three-stars. Uriah made a ground-breaking development for a spirit-manipulated beast by skipping many stages of growth. Rocky knew that he couldn't have done it on his own. Without the yellow spiritual crystal, he wouldn't be able to raise Uriah and make it grow with such formidable power.

'I am just lucky that Sheridan took me in as an apprentice. Otherwise, my experiment will all be in vain, ' Rocky thought to himself. He knew that all of this was because Sheridan took him under his wings. Meanwhile, Little Rubygon's growth was exponentially fast compared to others – all thanks to the magical saliva. According to the classification of the Beast Taming Skill, Little Rubygon was now at the medium stage as a cub. Rocky couldn't be any happier seeing his spiritual-manipulated beasts outgrow others. However, he was somehow worried about Little Rubygon. If he continued feeding it with the magical saliva, Little Rubygon would reach its adulthood in no time and it would be difficult for Rocky to tame it. If that happened, everything that Rocky had worked hard for would be just for nothing.

Unlike Uriah, Little Rubygon had not yet established a contract of the spiritual power with Rocky. Time was ticking away, and Rocky could not afford to lose a second. He had to finish the experiment, take control of Little Rubygon, and make it obedient to him before it reached adulthood. If Little Rubygon reached adulthood before Rocky could realize the effect of his experiment, everything would be a waste. All his previous works and effort would only be meaningless. There was no other way…

'Maybe I should stop feeding Little Rubygon the magical saliva, ' Rocky concluded. It was the only way he could think of to slow down Little Rubygon's growth.

Besides, Sheridan also mentioned that the feeding practices had a significant effect on the development of a fully-grown spirit-manipulated beast, also known as the enhancement of the star level. It was said that the promotion of t

proaching him.

Rocky just nodded to him in reply.

"Sir, I've been waiting for you for so long. Remember the treasures I sold for you last time? Well, since they were bought, the other auction items here at the Super Beast Farm are left without anybody caring for them," the boss said in a seemingly jolly tone.

"Oh? I didn't know." Rocky was stunned, his eyebrows raised in surprise. He didn't know how to respond to the boss's remark.

"So, sir, what do you have for us this time?" the boss asked. He was certain that Rocky still had something he would want to sell.

"Well, I just chanced upon your store while wandering around the city. To tell you honestly, I have nothing with me," Rocky replied and shrugged his shoulders. The boss's face turned from delighted to discouraged like a dissatisfied wife.

Rocky looked away before he could feel any guilt. As he was trying to find an excuse to steer the conversation away, he chanced upon what looked like a silver cutter on the stage. When he saw it carefully, he realized it was like a long and thin scalpel. His eyes immediately lit up.

"Hey, do you have more scalpels like that?" Rocky asked, his eyes still fixed on the marvelous scalpel on the stage.

The boss looked in the direction and shortly fell silent as he thought about it. He gasped and said in a sad tone, "Unfortunately, it's the only piece we have. I bought it recently. The person I bought it from said it is made from the silver bones of a kind of wild spirit-manipulated beast called the Primitive Calf."

"I see. The craftsmanship is quite exquisite. The details in the scalpel are wonderful…" Rocky said as he continued to marvel at the beauty of the scalpel.

"Indeed! I wouldn't have bought it if it wasn't one of a kind. Anyway, I got it from the Buck Knife Shop. I'm sure you've heard about its great reputation around the Holy Dragon Empire." the boss explained. He was pleased that Rocky liked the scalpel he just bought.

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