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   Chapter 207 Rocky As Sheridan's Apprentice

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"I understand you want to teach me, but I don't want you to be my teacher," Rocky responded coldly. He enjoyed torturing the old man by making him wait in suspense. The truth was he was ecstatic when he found out how much Sheridan wanted to mentor him. He had mastered the Magical Evaluation Skill, the most powerful evaluation skill in the Wild Spirit Land. If he were to gain both Beast Taming Skill and Beast Curing Skill from Sheridan, he would improve enormously. He saw how desperately Sheridan wanted him, and Rocky decided to play hard to get. In that way, Sheridan would not withhold anything from him and would exhaust any means to help Rocky learn.

"Hey, young man. Show your teacher some respect. Actually, scratch that. I don't really care for formalities and stuff. Starting tomorrow, you'll be learning the Beast Taming Skill. After that, I will teach you the Beast Curing Skill. You still have a long way to go before you can master the Beast Evaluation Skill and you have still yet to learn about the spirit-manipulated beasts. Through the years, I have compiled this much information about spirit-manipulated beasts. Have a look," Sheridan told Rocky as he took out a thick, worn out directory from under his coat.

"There's no need for that. My brain is filled with information about spirit-manipulated beasts. I bet I know more about them than you," Rocky answered as he waved his hand dismissively. He had all the information from the Beast Encyclopedia stored in his brain. He could describe each and every kind of spirit-manipulated beast in detail.

"I doubt that. Please don't make any more excuses to get out of our lessons." Sheridan thought Rocky was making this up. He did not know Rocky owned the only copy of the Beast Encyclopedia in the whole Wild Spirit Land.

"If you don't believe me, quiz me then. If I answer any question wrong, I'll take you as my teacher. But if I get them all correct, you have to call me teacher," Rocky wagered, raising his eyebrow slightly. He was eager to provoke Sheridan.

"Oh, you're on!" Sheridan agreed. He was very skeptical of Rocky's declaration; he didn't believe he got everything memorized.

Sheridan started to quiz Rocky with difficult and quaint questions about spirit-manipulated beasts.

An hour passed and Sheridan was frozen in disbelief. He stared at Rocky in awe and dubiety. He was rendered speechless by Rocky's vast knowledge about spirit-manipulated beasts. Rocky had answered all the questions he raised correctly and quickly. Rocky's answers were even more accurate and informative than the information he had.

"What now? Did I win?" Rocky asked with a cunning smile.

"Hey, kid. Tell me. How did you know all those stuff about spirit-manipulated beasts?" Sheridan asked, still confused by how Rocky did so well. He was still struck with d

be teaching you the basics of the Beast Taming Skill," Sheridan said as he walked towards the beast stable.

Rocky followed him inside.

Sheridan then broke into a long speech.

Rocky took in Sheridan's idea and combined with hid modern theory. He immediately found out that the modern theory could not be applied on spirit-manipulated beasts. The spirit-manipulated beasts had several stages of the life cycle.

Generally speaking, the spirit-manipulated beasts owned by spirit manipulators were captured when they were cubs. They were then fed and tamed. Spirit-manipulated beasts have three developmental stages. Their feeding method varied in every stage. The most distinct difference was the food they ate. During their early developmental stage, spirit-manipulated beasts' diet consisted of soft and liquid foods. These foods were the only ones their undeveloped stomachs could digest. In their middle developmental stage, beasts started to consume meat. Protein became a staple in their diet that helped them strengthen their bodies. At the final developmental stage, spirit-manipulated beast could eat any kind of food they wanted. It was when they reached maturity. By that time, the cubs started to receive taming exercises. Spirit-manipulated beasts were more difficult to tame when they were fully grown. So at the final developmental stage, cubs were fed huge amounts of nutritious food to keep them energized for their taming exercises.

Different taming methods were developed to adapt to every kind of spirit-manipulated beasts. The ultimate goal of taming was to reduce the coarse behaviors of spirit-manipulated beasts. Once they got tamed, their potential to serve people better was activated.

Tamed spirit-manipulated beasts, when fully grown, remained under the command of their masters. They were able to join battles and fight side by side with their masters.

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