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   Chapter 206 Sheridan Takes Rocky Under His Wing

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"I've heard quite a few things about the Beast Evaluation Skill. As for the Beast Taming Skill and Beast Curing Skill, they're very foreign to me," Rocky admitted as he stroked his chin.

"Young one, for you to become a competent beast evaluator you must acquire Beast Evaluation Skill proficiency. Aside from that, you must also gain the Beast Taming Skill and Beast Curing Skill. Long ago, beast evaluators from the Wild Spirit Land focused way too much on the Beast Evaluation Skill and they ended up neglecting the other two skills that are as crucial: the Beast Taming Skill and Beast Curing Skill. As a result, the following generations failed to receive proper training for the latter. To be completely honest with you kid, having the ability to evaluate beasts is not really that useful. If you don't know how to heal and tame spiritual beasts, their strength and potential won't really amount to much. Curing and taming are very crucial, especially at the earlier stages of the spiritual beast cubs. Spiritual beasts differ greatly from war beasts. They have a small understanding of human nature, and they are far more difficult to tame compared to war beasts. Beast tamers who are able to control spiritual beasts are very rare to find in the Wild Spirit Land. They are so much smaller in number compared to spiritual beast evaluators," Sheridan explained carefully. He seemed to be some kind of an expert in this field. His grey hair also helped make him look wiser.

"If the beast tamers were as powerful as you said, why was the Beast Taming Skill not passed down to the following generations?" Rocky asked, obviously confused.

Beast tamers are more of like the servants of the spirit-manipulated beasts. They need to be of service for the spirit-manipulated beasts to the best of their abilities. No one was willing to stay where the spirit-manipulated beasts stayed. These places were quite unpleasant for humans. However, things are different for the beast evaluators. All they have to do is have a look at the beasts while touching them and reciting some words. They are more respected and admired by other people. But beast tamers like me are also well-respected by the people," Sheridan bragged.

A smile formed on Rocky's face. "What about beast curers? Are they much rarer than beast tamers?" He asked.

"Yes. There are very few beast curers in the Wild Spirit Land. Beast Curing Skill demands great talent and competence. Beast curers are also expected to be masters of Beast Evaluation Skills. Of course, one cannot cure a spirit-manipulated beast if they cannot identify it. You must be a very skil

ions. If you learn the Beast Taming Skill, not only can you master the skills of taming and controlling spirit-manipulated beasts, but also pull out their full potential. If in the future you get lucky enough, you might run into a spiritual beast. With the Beast Taming Skill, you can tame it and get a lot from it. Of course, the chances are very low. But other people do not even have a chance," Sheridan said excitedly. He noticed Rocky's reluctance and tried to convince him more with the benefits that come along with learning his skills. He knew well enough that Rocky was not willing to learn the Beast Taming Skill and Beast Curing Skill if he would not gain anything from them.

"So Commander knows who you really are." Rocky remembered how Marin mentioned Sheridan the other day. She told Rocky that he could learn a lot from him.

"The Commander In Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group and I are friends. I used to come by his place and have a drink, so I have known Marin since she was a little girl. I planned to take Isis as my apprentice. She is smart and talented, quite perfect to learn the Beast Taming Skill and Beast Curing Skill. But she is only interested in learning military tactics, very much like her father. So she refused me," Sheridan said regretfully. It would seem like he was still upset at Isis' refusal to become his apprentice.

"You seem to be very keen to have someone as your apprentice. No wonder she turned you down," Rocky joked.

"Cut the nonsense. From now on, you will call me teacher. I will teach you everything that I know of." Sheridan looked intently at Rocky, waiting for any hint of Rocky's willingness. It was not easy discovering a perfect apprentice, so he would by no means miss this chance.

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