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   Chapter 205 He Was Quite A Character!

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However, it had been a time of war during the last few years. Several big wars had broken out from time to time. Therefore, the four major military groups had definitely suffered inevitable losses in terms of their royal spirit manipulators. As a result, the general number of the Holy Dragon Empire's royal spirit manipulators was decreasing constantly. Yet, only 30 new royal spirit manipulators could be recruited each year due to the strict selection process. Obviously, such a small number was not enough to supply the increasing demands for the royal spirit manipulators.

The Holy Dragon Empire, as well as other empires, regarded the spiritual manipulators who inherited the power of the spiritual race as the best of the best. Considered the cream of the crop, they were looked up to as an elite force. For example, the Magic Phoenix Empire had the phoenix spirit manipulators, and the Timber Deity Empire had the timber spirit manipulators. These elite spirit manipulators were all strictly protected and carefully overseen by their own empire. Their cultivation was of the highest priority. In fact, it could be said that the number and strength of these elite spirit manipulators were also the embodiment of an empire's strongest combat power.

At that moment, Rocky, who was in the Spirit Possession state, had the power of both an ordinary spirit manipulator and a royal spirit manipulator, which was considered something quite impossible. Generally speaking, the ordinary spirit manipulator couldn't have the power of the royal spirit manipulator, while the royal spirit manipulators couldn't have other powers except for the dragon spiritual power.

However, Rocky had managed to combine both. How could he make the impossible happen? It owed to the fact that he was once a formal royal spirit manipulator. The red light in the spiritual flame was also a part of the power of the Holy Dragon Bead, which appeared before Marcia sealed it. Thus, although Marcia sealed the power of the Holy Dragon Bead in his body, the spiritual flame that produced the spiritual power was somewhere deep within him. The red light in the spiritual flame was also retained in his body.

After he started the Spirit Possession, a kind of magic where the spirit manipulator could fuse with spirit-manipulated beasts and possess their power, the red light lurking in his body was activated by the special capability of the Fire nature in Uriah's body. What all this indicated was that Rocky had the special ability to manipulate the nature of Fire from then on. As an ordinary spirit manipulator, Rocky had the ability to manipulate the nature of Fire. Such a unique situation only happened once in a blue moon.

Obviously, Uriah's injury turned out to manifest as a new opportunity for Rocky to strengthen his power. How lucky he was!

Rocky, who figured out his good luck, immediately put on a sly smile. Obviously, he had a plan. He suddenly jumped up and waved his hands to launch the power of the red light and the Vast Nebula Skill directly toward an empty house in the Ghost Village. It was apparent that he wanted to test the power of his newly regained ability. He grinned with satisfaction. It was clearly visible that the two different spiritual powers were intertwined in the air. One was misty like nebulae, while the other was red

ginning, he just wanted to tease Rocky. But he hadn't expected Rocky's response. He expected the young man to return dejected!

"You don't believe that I was able to do that, right?" Rocky asked at once. The corners of his mouth twitched and curved up in a faint smile.

"Of course I didn't! In my lifetime, I have only seen three ordinary spirit manipulators who can complete the Spirit Possession. Young man, if you really did it, I will immediately accept you as my disciple!" Sheridan exclaimed, squinting at Rocky and trying to discern if he was playing tricks.

"Accept me as your disciple? What benefits will I get if I become your disciple?" Rocky asked in surprise. Such an idea had never crossed his mind before.

"Have you heard of Priest Dean from the Holy Dragon Empire?" Sheridan couldn't help but ask.

"Priest Dean?" Rocky repeated coldly as he narrowed his eyes. Oh, he knew Priest Dean alright. He hated him with all his heart! If it were not for Alston and Priest Dean, he wouldn't have endured the torment! Rocky's face showed a hint of anger.

"He's an old acquaintance of mine. We used to be fellow disciples of the same master. I was a senior disciple while he was a junior disciple. Our master was good at Beast Evaluation Skill, Beast Taming Skill, and Beast Curing Skill. Priest Dean was more talented in beast evaluation. Thus, he only focused on the Beast Evaluation Skill, while I focused on the Beast Taming Skill and Beast Curing Skill. Well, don't think I'm boasting or anything like that. The reality is that there is only a limited number of people who are better at the two skills than me in this Wild Spirit Land. Or in other words, I am one of the best beast tamers and beast curers, even though these two have become quite unpopular occupations now. Despite that, even the emperor of the Holy Dragon Empire has invited me to the Palace City a few times to raise the high-class spirit-manipulated beasts for the royal family." Sheridan said with a proud look on his face.

Listening to Sheridan's exciting retelling of his proud story, Rocky finally realized that the old man who kept such a low key actually had quite a noble character with a strong background! How fascinating!

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