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   Chapter 204 Reaching A New Stage

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Time seemed to slow down. Rocky was feeling kind of small and weak as the long period of time elapsed.

Not knowing how long it had been, Rocky could tell that his power had reached its limit and his body suffered the overwhelming pains. It felt as though he was feeling a myriad of earthquakes and landslides taking place in his system. Under the strong impact of his spiritual power, Rocky felt he was on the edge of a breakdown.

At this critical moment, if Rocky didn't try to be a strong-willed man, it would cost him his life. Even if he wanted to stop everything, it was too late! If he tried to separate himself from Uriah and stop the combination by force, he would get hurt. Even worse, it could endanger both of their lives!

Rocky could do nothing but to persist through this terrible ordeal. Only his willpower would help him succeed, despite the fact that he wasn't aware of his body and his will was gradually being weakened. But he still firmly believed that he could do it. Otherwise...

Being an ordinary spirit manipulator, it was the first time Rocky tried to practice this secret without the help of Holy Dragon Bead. This was the hardest thing for an ordinary spirit manipulator to accomplish.

He had created great miracles one after another with the power of Holy Dragon Bead before. This time, he was determined to create another impossible miracle in another way.

But he didn't know whether he would succeed in acquiring the Spirit Possession or not.

The clock was ticking and the meter was running. In the middle of the Ghost Village, two shadows were radiating brilliantly and began to combine together, particle by particle. The intense spiritual power unceasing spread to the surrounding air. The Ghost Village was thrown into chaos.

A deafening scream suddenly pierced the air, echoing as it spread.

The man in the light was stretching out his arms and holding his head high. His face showed clearly that he was suffering a tormenting pain. It looked as if countless worms were wriggling and wrestling within him, as he spasmed continuously. His body looked like it was about to explode at any time. But his eyes were intent, his gestures expansive.

In an instant, the furious spiritual power was emitted out of control. The power surged, liked a tempestuous sea that sent forth its tides on the earth. The strong spiritual power razed the surroundings into gro

at emergency in Holy Dragon Empire, these royal spirit manipulators would answer the call of duty. Otherwise, they only provided service for emperor and were under his command.

Compared with ordinary spirit manipulators, royal spirit manipulators in the four military groups were more powerful. Normally, they held important positions and are the best of the best. They would typically not be seen in action if there were no large-scale war. These elites would not be dispatched to execute petty operations.

The Crimson Dragon Group had an Elite Regiment consisting of royal spirit manipulators. They were considered the cream of the crop amongst their peers. The members of the lowest team were even composed of the royal spiritual manipulators above the eighth grade of the Earthly Stage. It was said that the head of the Elite Regiment had reached the Supernal Stage. This elite team only received orders from Commander in Chief. Only a few top-level leaders had the chance to see this Elite Regiment. Ordinary people were lucky to catch a glimpse of them!

What Rocky had discovered in Crimson Dragon Group was only the tip of the iceberg. Their capability and power were more than that.

Of course, ordinary spirit manipulators in the four military groups were very powerful, if they could manage to reach the Heavenly Stage or above. But at the end of the day, ordinary spirit manipulators could never compete with the royal ones. Spirit manipulators who wanted to reach the Heavenly Stage needed to be born with a strong talent paired with good fortune. It was an uphill battle all the way.

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