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   Chapter 203 Spirit Possession

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"Uriah, are you really hurt badly on the inside?" Rocky asked with concern. He remembered the time when they had gone to capture the two Dark Heaven Insects at Carcass Valley. At that time, in order to protect little Rubygon, Uriah had to withstand a huge attack launched by the Dark Heaven Insect at the second grade of the three-star level. After the fight, it didn't seem like there was anything seriously wrong with Uriah. He had still fed it with some magical saliva. Due to its strong body, Uriah could recover quickly even if it got seriously injured.

"It is suffering due to the recurrence of an old injury," Sheridan revealed.

"An old injury?" Rocky's eyes widened in shock. He thought glumly, 'Was this old injury caused when Uriah fought with the spirit-manipulated beast of the Heavenly Stage at the Witch Palace? After that fight, Uriah was indeed hurt seriously. If any other spirit-manipulated beast had been hurt like that, it might have died soon after. Only beasts like Uriah could survive after experiencing an intense fight like that.' Uriah had recovered soon after that. So, Rocky had assumed that nothing went wrong. But now, the old injury was causing trouble for Uriah.

"You should have paid close attention to it. I don't have to tell you this. You know what a spirit-manipulated beast means to a spirit manipulator," Sheridan said with a frown.

Rocky felt really annoyed, but he couldn't say a word in return. It was his negligence that had led to a recurrence of Uriah's old injury. There was no way that he could have known that there were injuries that couldn't be cured by magical saliva.

The truth was that no matter how effective the magical saliva was, it still couldn't compare to the real magical saliva that could resurrect the dead. Also, Uriah was only a beast at the second grade of the three-star level. Hence, the magical saliva created by it had limited effects. But Rocky knew nothing about this.

"Can it be cured?" Rocky asked with concern in his eyes.

"It's not easy. If we had identified this wound earlier, it could have been cured easily, without a trace. But we are only seeing this now. Adding new injury to the old one has made the situation even worse. If your spirit-manipulated beast didn't have a good physique, I can't even imagine what situation it would have been in now.' Sheridan's countenance became severe.

"Do whatever you must. Please save it," Rocky said in a low whisper. Uriah had always accompanied him everywhere he went and never abandoned him. So, Uriah was very important to him. Without it, he wouldn't have been alive today. They shared a deep bond. To Rocky, Uriah was not just a spirit-manipulated beast; it was his only family and his best friend.

"There is a treatment. But it's a little dangerous… Do you know about Spirit Possession?" Sheridan inquired.

"Spirit Possess

Rocky began the metal method of Spirit Possession. The spiritual power at the second grade of the Earthly Stage burst out, making the surrounding shine like the sun.

At that same time, detecting the power from the metal method of Spirit Possession, Uriah sparkled with an iridescent light, which added radiance and charm to the light which came from Rocky.

In the end, Uriah became nothing but a blurry light, as it started to combine with Rocky as an entirety.

Due to the serious injury, Uriah's spiritual power was a little weakened. Uriah became unstable after its spiritual power became a blurry mist, and the light coming from the beast started to turn dim and then bright, and then dim again. Thus, the possession was extremely slow.

Rocky detected the spiritual power from Uriah merging with him and noticed that the very disorderly force of Uriah was declining his spiritual power. It impacted his body negatively time and time again.

A war was being waged inside Rocky's body. As Uriah's spiritual power gradually combined with Rocky's, the war field expanded too. Soon, the conflict spread throughout his body. All he could do was try to combine their spiritual powers to the maximum and quickly reach the state of Spirit Possession.

Uriah's spiritual power was not yet weaker than Rocky's. It was not a simple task to combine their spiritual powers.

As time passed, Rocky broke out in a cold sweat, turning extremely pale. He felt like numerous bombs were going off in his body, the impact destroying his organs and breaking him apart.

Rocky had only managed to combine half of the blurry mist, which was Uriah's spiritual power, and the impact it had on his body was too strong and obvious. If he combined all of the beast's spiritual power, he couldn't imagine what would happen to him.

But no matter what happened, he had to persevere until the Spirit Possession was complete.

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