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   Chapter 202 Badly Injured (Part Two)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6093

Updated: 2019-11-29 00:17

Later, Rocky found a blacksmith shop in the Evian City. He asked the blacksmith there to make 12 large shackles according to the size he designed himself. After paying the deposit, he was told to pick them up three days later. With nothing to do, he left the City.

When he returned to the northeast military camp from the Evian City, the night had already fallen. Rocky went to Marin's camp and returned the token to Marin. Earlier, she had given the token to him so that he could enter the base camp which was heavily guarded and visit Sue.

"Have you seen Sue?" Marin asked.

"Yes," Rocky said with a nod.

"Have you also seen my cousin?" Marin asked with a strange look. She must be wondering what happened with their interaction.

Rocky nodded without denial. Not only did he see her, but he also saw her naked. He didn't know how Marin would react if she found out what happened. Of course, he wasn't stupid enough to tell her that. He was not that bored to ask for trouble.

"Then, what is her impression of you?" Marin asked again.

"I don't know about that. Commander, if there is nothing more to discuss, then I should leave now," Rocky said indifferently then turned around and left Marin's camp. At the same time, he was thinking what kind of reaction she would have if she was told that he had seen Isis naked. He bet that she definitely would not have a good reaction. He imagined how infuriated and at the same time embarrassed she would be by that revelation.

When he went back at his own room, Rocky saw Rubygon was running around, rummaging through the cabinet, and making constant noise. Meanwhile, Uriah seemed to have fallen asleep with its eyes closed.

"You naughty little guy, when no one looks after you, you will raise the roof. There is something odd about Uriah. It rarely falls

please help me treat my spirit-manipulated beast. It seems to be very sick. Its temperature is very high," Rocky said eagerly and anxiously and then turned his attention to Uriah. He wanted it to get treated immediately. He didn't want to waste any time because its condition might worsen.

After hearing Rocky's statement, Sheridan also looked at Uriah for a few seconds. He walked over it and touched its body here and there. Then, he checked Uriah's eyelids and skillfully did a thorough examination of its body. After that, he squinted his eyes and asked Rocky, "Did your spirit-manipulated beast once fight with a powerful beast before?"

Rocky was stunned for Sheridan's accurate speculation. However, he couldn't tell him that it once had fights with other powerful beasts. Once again, he decided to avoid answering the question straight to the point. Thus, he simply said ambiguously, "I suppose it may not?"

"It's impossible! You are not qualified to be his master. You are not even aware that your own spirit-manipulated beast has serious internal injuries. How could you be so ignorant?" Sheridan questioned him in rage. He certainly didn't like Rocky's response and his blatant irresponsibility.

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