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   Chapter 201 Badly Injured (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5958

Updated: 2019-11-29 00:17

"Your father? The Commander in Chief is your father?! Therefore, you are actually the daughter of the Commander in Chief?! And Marin, your cousin, is also the niece of the Commander in Chief?!" Rocky was stunned. He acted so casually around them that he felt like they were just ordinary people. It never occurred to him that the two women he knew from the Crimson Dragon Group had such strong backgrounds.

"That's right! Now you finally know that. If my father finds out what you just did to me, he will immediately take back the order of sparing your life!" Isis threatened. To prevent Rocky from leaking out such an embarrassing situation and protect her reputation, she had to use every effective means. That should put him in his place. He should be scared of the possible consequences of his actions if he tried to embarrass her or taint her reputation in some way. Yet, Rocky hardly looked affected with her threats.

"I see," Rocky just responded lightly.

"And, in exchange of sparing your life and forgiving you for what you just did, can you tell me who on earth you are?" Isis asked. As the Deputy Commander in Chief, she was always good at negotiations. More often, she was able to negotiate her way to a deal that favored her more. She had always been very curious about Rocky's identity. There was always the air of mysteriousness around him. Thus, if she could use what happened today to find out Rocky's real identity, that would a real bonus.

"No," Rocky refused simply and decisively. He didn't even think about it, and he just flatly told her no. He didn't seem concerned with her threats. Her mind was beaming with curiosity and unanswered questions. Why was he protecting his identity so hard? What did he have to hide?

"Why? Don't you know that what

"Actually, she's not. You don't have to worry. Her temper is better than I have expected. Anyway, I should leave now. I will come back to visit you again as long as I am free," Rocky immediately said as he found it was getting late. He couldn't stay there for long. It was a shame that he barely spent his time with Sue because of the incident with Isis but he figured there were other days he could visit her again.

"All right. Don't forget to bring Rubygon next time. I miss it so much," Sue reminded and nodded at him with a reassuring smile.

Rocky smiled, touched Sue's head softly, and then walked away from Isis' residence with big steps.

After walking out of the base camp, Rocky couldn't help but feel relieved. He was actually worried that Isis would change her idea at any time and try to kill him. After all, Isis was the Deputy Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group. It would be rather easy for her to finish him off with a random excuse.

"Rocky, Rocky, why do you always have to incur troubles like this? You should never deal with the women like Isis!" Rocky mumbled and laughed at himself. He seemed to get in trouble that involved women quite a lot.

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