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   Chapter 200 An Intimate Moment

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7152

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Rocky took Isis to the white jade bed. Then he gently laid her down, and untied his clothes to cover her body. After that, he took out the bottle containing magical saliva and said gently, "This will help cure your injuries." He opened the bottled and held it directly to her lips.

Isis was surprised by what he had done for her. It did not make sense; she was expecting him to do something dastardly. She was expecting him to either run away or take advantage of her at this moment. But now, it seemed like Rocky was intent on helping her.

Isis should have doubted his intentions as well as the content of the bottle. She should have questioned whether he was trying to give her an aphrodisiac potion. But when she looked into his eyes, her typically restless and tactical mind was at peace. She drank that magical saliva obediently.

Once it had been ingested and absorbed into her body, Isis immediately felt relieved from the injuries which had been a result of the energy deviation. At the same time, the uncontrolled spiritual power returned to its source, led by the saliva. She was really astonished by the amazing power of this mystery liquid. Then she calmed down a little and closed her eyes. She decided to ignore Rocky and concentrated on the energy circulation to recover.

It was a long time before Isis felt her injuries was fully recovered. Then she slowly opened her eyes only to find that Rocky had disappeared. She sighed. It was to be expected. However, when she turned her head a little, she spotted a figure through the sheer curtains. Rocky was standing on the long corridor of the cottage with both hands on his back, his posture an image of outstanding elegance. He was looking into the distance with a calm expression.

"Why haven't you left?" Isis called out.

After hearing her voice, Rocky turned around and glanced at her. He said, "You'd better put your clothes on. Or would you like to talk to me like that?"

Isis was startled, looking down at herself. She quickly remembered what had happened before. Her eyes turned cold as she wrapped his clothes tightly around her body. Then she glanced at R

cky. Even her father gave him a free pass! Therefore, even if there were thousands of reasons for her to kill Rocky, she just could not do that. Furthermore, she had ordered someone to investigate Rocky before due to her curiosity of his identity. It was quite shocking that the man she'd heard so much of had been the same one that had just seen her naked by accident!

But it was less surprising for Rocky. He merely never expected that Marin's cousin was the Deputy Commander in Chief of the Crimson Dragon Group. And he had seen her figure just now. Had someone else learned that, he would be hunted down by the whole Crimson Dragon Group. Though he had no idea of the exact number of excellent spiritual manipulators in this group, he knew that the chances of surviving a battle with the high ranked ones were slim to none.

"Sue, you may leave now. I have something to say to Rocky alone," Isis said to Sue.

Sue couldn't help but look at Rocky curiously after hearing that. Knowing Isis's temper, Sue was a little worried about him. But she went downstairs obediently.

"What do you want to say to me, ma'am?" Rocky asked, a sly grin flitting over his lips.

"You shall not mention what happened today to anyone else. Though you have the free pass given by my father, I would still kill you if you do so. If I hear any rumors about it, I would not go easy on you," Isis warned him, her fierce eyes flashing.

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