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   Chapter 199 Intimate Contact

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 6866

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Isis was stunned as a figure suddenly rushed out from the wardrobe. Then a piece of clothing flew at her and fell over her eyes.

But her reaction in the next moment was instantaneous as she scowled with displeasure. As the figure was about to pass in front of her, she swung the clothing with her right arm quickly, combined with her spiritual power. Immediately, it wrapped around the arm of the figure that was trying to escape.

Rocky had never thought that his kindness would delay his escape. If he hadn't done so, Isis would have had no chance to catch him. Certainly, Rocky himself also underestimated Isis' power.

After all, Isis was the Deputy Commander in Chief who had defied all kinds of perils on the battlefield. She would never let Rocky leave after she had been embarrassed. In her capable hands, even a piece of clothing was turned into a lethal and efficient weapon.

Seeing his arm was caught by the clothing and knowing it would be impossible to be free from it in a moment, he had to stop helplessly. It seemed that he couldn't escape this mess. Oh, why was it that beauties always led him into some kind of trouble?

Isis furrowed her eyebrows when Rocky stopped moving. She stared at him intently, from head to toe. Something suddenly crossed her mind and she asked in a sharp voice, "What did you see just now?"

"If I tell you I didn't see anything, would you believe me?" Rocky replied. The answer was obvious. He wouldn't have been trying to escape if he hadn't seen anything!

"So you saw everything, then," Isis muttered, biting her soft pink lips. She blushed in an instant, glaring at Rocky's back in anger.

"If I tell you the truth, I think you're going to kill me," Rocky said. The last time he had gotten in a situation like this, Marcia had almost killed him. But he didn't know that the reason why Marcia had been so enraged was actually that he had seen her startling secret.

"Turn to me," Isis commanded. She was eager to know who had been so daring.

"Are you sure?" Rocky asked while lifting h

pat out a mouthful of blood. Meanwhile, her spiritual power also went wild.

She had never expected that Rocky would be so powerful, so the situation was so emergent. She tried to suppress the uncontrollable spiritual power that was now coursing through her. However, she couldn't calm down while suddenly thinking of Rocky, utterly confused and disconcerted. Obviously, her breath naturally got worse and worse.

Seeing Isis spout blood, Rocky was confused, looking at his hands in surprise. It was wholly unexpected that he could have caused her to spit out blood! However, he then noticed that Isis looked pale and her breath was in disorder. It seemed that her spiritual power was going out of control. Rocky knew well that if it continued like this she would be in danger. Whatever, it was his fault to have a look at Isis' body. If Isis died for this, it would lay heavy on his conscience. Staring at Isis who was in agony, Rocky made up his mind and came over to her in a big stride. Gently, he picked her up.

"What are you doing?" Feeling Rocky's body and temperature, Isis struggled to get free because she was afraid that Rocky would now take advantage of her weakness. As a result, her breathing became more rapid as her anxiety also skyrocketed. However, she was unable to rally her force due to the wild spiritual power wreaking havoc in her system.

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