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   Chapter 198 Moment Of Beauty

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5709

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After Sue left, Rocky wandered around the first floor of Isis's residence. It was rather spacious but without much decoration, which was a little dull. The walls were plain with only few frames hanging on them. The whole area was minimalist, with very few designs done to the place. He then headed for the second floor. Contrary to the first floor, the scene looked quite dreamy on the second floor.

There was a bed there and it was skillfully crafted using shiny white jades. The white jade glistened in the room as if it was trying to allure him. It was oozing cold air.

This was the first time that Rocky saw anything like this. Opening the gauze curtain, he approached and made it all the way in front of the bed. He touched the bed. It was soft and silky as if it was made of clouds. What was notable was that the bed felt like it was freezing along with strands of spiritual aura.

"This bed should be able to help with one's cultivation." On that thought, Rocky sat on it and held his breath. He felt instantly that there were strands of spiritual aura seeping into him, facilitating the circulation of his own spiritual aura in the body. He felt optimized, because his environment worked well with his cultivation.

"This is good. This jade bed plus the magical saliva is a great combination that's going to improve my strength greatly." Rocky told himself out loud. He felt a little jealous of the owner of this jade bed. The owner must have cultivated in an efficient manner and at the optimum level.

Just then, Rocky heard some movements on the first floor and then the footsteps slowly moved upstairs. It was steady and soft and it definitely came from any other ordinary person but Sue.

shing into his cheeks at what he saw. He couldn't keep his eyes away from Isis's figure.

"Well I'll be damned." Rocky's heart just skipped a beat. If Isis went inside, he would definitely be busted. It was bad enough that he was hiding inside her wardrobe. Worse, he had witnessed Isis changing clothes. He saw things that he shouldn't have. He would be considered a stalker, which would not end well for him. Not only that, he would definitely be called a pervert.

"It looks like I have to take my chance." Rocky gritted his teeth, thinking that he would rather run out to face Isis now rather than wait to get busted there later. He knew that her strength was well above his, but she would be caught off guard given her current status, which was his ticket out of here. He did not think that she would come after him being all naked.

Rocky grew solemn at this thought. He then grabbed some clothes and took a deep breath before he turned into a shadow with his spiritual power and dashed through the door while throwing all the clothes at Isis. He had high hopes that he would not only get away, he wouldn't also be recognized.

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