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   Chapter 197 What A Coincidence! (Part Two)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5687

Updated: 2019-11-28 00:02

"Who's there?" Just before Rocky reached the gate, he was stopped by several vigilant guards dressed in blue uniforms.

Rocky immediately took out the token that Marin gave him and handed it to one of the guards. He explained, "It was Commander Marin of the northeast military camp who sent me here." Of course, it was a lie. Commander Marin never dispatched him. He just used it as an excuse.

While a guard was carefully examining the token, the other guards all fixed their eyes on Rocky in case he darted into the camp suddenly. Although Rocky had heard of the strictness of the Crimson Dragon Group's guarding, it was impressive to see up close. After a brief examination, the guard confirmed the token was authentic and he nodded at his partners. They relaxed and waved Rocky through.

Since he was allowed to go inside, he asked the guard about the location of the Isis Pavilion. For a few moments, the guard gazed at him in an odd way, but told him in the end. However, since the guard had just pointed out the general direction, Rocky had to figure out where exactly it was.

He was walking in the camp now. He saw many horses and chariots hurriedly running back and forth. Groups of patrolmen were on duty, making sure no corner was left unguarded. At the far end, he could faintly make out that there was a large number of soldiers practicing and training on the battlefield. All the soldiers were in high spirits, and their hearty bellows soared high into the sky. It was clear that the northeast military camp was nowhere near the base camp.

Besides, Rocky also noticed that there was a lot of spirit manipulators in Crimson Dragon Group, and near all of them were at the eighth gra

sis? She is the cousin of Marin, isn't she?" Sue's words perhaps reminded Rocky of something, so he asked.

"Yeah, she is. Didn't Commander Marin tell you anything about Miss Isis?" Sue was confused and had no idea why Rocky asked like this.

"No, she didn't explain it. So, tell me more about her. Who on earth is she?" Rocky noticed Sue's astonished face, which made him even more curious.

"Let me tell you then! In the Crimson Dragon Group, Miss Isis is the... " Sue didn't finish her words because she was interrupted by a voice calling from outside. Someone wanted her. She went out at once and came back a moment later.

"I am really sorry, Mr. Bai. I must go on an urgent errand and fetch some stuff for Miss Isis. I need to go right now. I will be back later. I don't think she'll be back anytime soon today. So, you can just wait for me here. Just in case she comes back earlier than me, you can explain that you're my brother and came to visit me. Miss Iris is a generous lady and I'm sure she wouldn't mind you staying here alone." Sue quickly finished her words, embracing him hastily before she left in a hurry.

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