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   Chapter 196 What A Coincidence! (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 5922

Updated: 2019-11-27 04:38

Once he found out that Isis was here too, Flank dared not act like his usual aggressive and intimidating self. Bullying Rocky in front of her could lead to some trouble for him in return. Flank knew for sure that his son was a notorious troublemaker and that Rocky wouldn't beat him up for no reason. Although he came here in a combative manner and was ready to answer blows with blows, he couldn't risk offending Isis. He breathed deeply. Rage still burned in his heart, he just couldn't let it burst out. Making a fuss now was improper and unnecessary, and could lead to his family getting in more trouble than his son had already gotten them into.

At this moment, all the bystanders expected that Rocky had now gotten in a very sticky situation. Without doubt, the Frontline Commander of Crimson Dragon Group did not come here to simply visit the finished auction. It was time for Rocky to reap what he had sown.

No one knew that Flank was carefully weighing the situation in his head and finding himself in an awkward position. He felt as if he was strapped onto a dangerous beast -- afraid to move forward and unable to back down. His palms got clammy especially when he caught a glimpse of Isis, who was staring at him with her analytic eyes. He was racking his brain about what to do when he suddenly came up with a brilliant idea. He reached out his hand and patted on one of Rocky's shoulders.

The moment Flank's palm landed on his shoulder, Rocky became alert. He clenched his fists and readied his spiritual power of second-grade of the Earthly Stage. However, he did not initiate the attack recklessly. He wasn't stupid; he knew that Flank was a fairly strong spirit manipulator. Rocky estimated that he was at least above the eighth-grade of the Earthly S

To Rocky, Flank's words were so weird and illogical. Paired with his sudden and dejected exit, Rocky couldn't help but wonder, 'What's the problem with him? Is he insane?' Then he remembered that Flank was so astonished and frightened when he caught sight of the veiled woman. She must be an important figure that was enough to scare him into playing nice! However, he didn't go deep into this interlude and quickly let it go. He was now in a good mood and was greatly pleased by the big fortune he made. He left the store of Super Beast Farm and decided to visit Sue at the base camp. He wanted to know how she had been recently.

The base camp of Crimson Dragon Group was situated at the southernmost end of the Evian City. This camp covered a large area, so expansive that its borders extended past the horizon. There were various large buildings arranged in picturesque disorder. The whole camp looked magnificent and formidable.

As Rocky stood alone in front of the gate of the Crimson Dragon Group camp, he can't help marveling at it. It was as thick as city wall and looked virtually impenetrable. It looked much more like an impregnable fortress rather than a camp.

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