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   Chapter 195 Frightened With An Overall Cold Sweat

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"You are so obedient and eagerly knelt for me! Get out of here. Aren't you ashamed?" Rocky said with a look of disdain.

"What are you doing? Come and help me up." Calvin couldn't stand up and had ordered his two companions to come assist him.

They rushed to him and helped him up immediately.

"Get your master out of here. He'll lose all control of his feet if you don't get him to a doctor right away," Rocky said as he held his arms across his chest.

"You bastard! You wait!" Calvin was shocked by what Rocky said. He left in a hurry with two subordinates supporting him.

There was dead silence in the air. No one knew how to react.

After Calvin left, Rocky turned to Isis, nodded with a smile and turned away without another word.

Isis watched him as he disappeared behind the folding screen.

Rocky sat back in his seat and called out to the boss.

"Is there another piece of that tail hair left? Don't auction it. Sell it to that lady for five thousand golden coins," Rocky directed.

The boss nodded and left.

Soon, another piece of tail hair was shown to Isis.

"It's..." Seeing it, Isis was a little surprised. Because the previous one was taken away by Calvin, she didn't expect to have a chance at another one.

"Someone asked me to sell it to you for only five thousand golden coins. This is the last one," The boss said quietly.

"Only five thousand golden coins?" Isis was a little surprised. It was such a low price compared to what Calvin had offered!

"Who told you to offer it to me? Why is it being sold at such a low price?" Isis doubted.

"I can't say, ma'am. Do you want to take it or not?" The boss was hoping that she would refuse it. If she didn't, he could put it up for auction again.

Isis's eyes gleamed as they ran over the tail hair of the Leopard Fox. She couldn't resist it. "I'll take it." She gestured to her companion to pay for it as she sat there, holding it up to the light in satisfaction. What a rare and beautiful thing!

The boss left with mone

this moment, a group of soldiers rushed to the second floor and surrounded it in the blink of an eye.

Subsequently, a middle-aged man with full body armor and a sword at his waist appeared. He was followed by a few spirit manipulators.

Seeing this, all of the people were startled. Some of them recognized this middle-aged man as Flank, the Frontline Commander of Crimson Dragon Group.

"Who hurt my son just now?" He shouted as he came upstairs.

Everyone looked at Rocky.

"Commander Flank, it's him," a subordinate shouted, pointing at Rocky as he passed by.

Flank showed a face of fury, came to Rocky and yelled at him, "What the hell did you do to my son?"

"Did I do something to him? Who said that?" Rocky said calmly.

"You are in big trouble. Don't you know who I am?" Flank felt even angrier at the fact that Rocky didn't show any fear in response to his threats. So he wanted to deal him a head-on blow at the first encounter.

Suddenly, hearing the sound of someone clearing her throat, Flank turned his head and saw Isis in a veil, followed by a few female spirit manipulators.

"Deputy..." Realizing the status of the lady, Flank felt shocked. His heart hitched, automatically wondering why the Deputy Commander in Chief was here. 'Did she see what my son did just now?' He felt frightened at the prospect of this.

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