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   Chapter 194 Master Of Chasing Girls

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Bang! A red date fell at Calvin's feet. Startled and slightly hurt, he withdrew his hand immediately. He swore fiercely, "Who the hell attacked me?"

"Me!" A voice rang out from behind the screen. A figure stepped out into everyone's view.

Of course, who else could it be but Rocky?

Everyone was staring at him now. All of them felt surprised for a moment at the sight of him, Rocky. Isis frowned, feeling kind of disappointed to see that the man who was hiding behind the screen was dressed up in rustic clothes. She thought it had been a great master hiding behind the screen, but it turned out to be some bratty boy. Moreover, his spiritual power was much weaker than other spirit manipulators that it was so weak that it was almost undetectable! What a shame.

Naturally, Isis thought to herself that she was all wrong. This pathetic guy, Rocky, couldn't be behind all those wonderful treasures at the auction in Super Beast Farm today!

Calvin glared at Rocky angrily. He was especially irate when he found out that the man who had interrupted him was just a country bumpkin. He yelled out loudly, "Son of a bitch! How dare you attack me? Don't you know who I am?"

"You're an idiot," Rocky replied with a cold smile on his face. Initially, Rocky hadn't meant to get involved in this mess. But he could clearly comprehend that the veiled woman, also known as Isis, seemed to be intent on hiding her real identity and was not going to fight back for herself. If she really wanted to fight back, the arrogant Calvin would have already learned a brutal lesson from her and have stopped acting so arrogant. So, Rocky was somewhat curious about why Isis was hiding her identity. He thought that inserting himself into the situation would be beneficial for both his curiosity and Isis's reasons.

After hearing what Rocky said, the others present there immediately burst into laughter. Even Isis was amused by Rocky's words and couldn't help but crack a smile from behind her veil.

And once Isis smiled, her charm instantly captivated everyone in the Super Beast Farm. All of the bidders now watched her with fascination.

Calvin looked at Isis, who was quite indifferent to him just now, and saw that she was amused by Rocky's words. He felt extremely unhappy.

"This lady has already said that she doesn't want your gift. Why did you insist on disturbing her when she clearly told you no? Just get out of her way," Rocky said, staring coldly at Calvin and crossing his arms.

"You little bastard! Do you really want to argue with me over a woman when you are dressed in such shabby clothes? Who do you think you are?" After hear

ortunity to teach him! Get out of my way. It's none of your business now." Calvin rudely pushed the boss of the Super Beast Farm out of his way and then swaggered up to Rocky. He sneered arrogantly, "I'll give you a chance. If you get down on your knees and get out of here like a dog, I'll cut you some slack and spare your life."

"You want to make me beg for mercy on my knees?" Rocky said with a smile on his face.

"Bang!" Everything happened in an instant. The others present there saw that Calvin, who just demanded Rocky kneel to beg for mercy, was suddenly kneeling down in front of Rocky instead. It seemed that he could not feel his legs anymore.

The scene shocked everyone immediately. They froze in shock, trying to process what had just happened.

Even Calvin was stunned and terrified because he had lost the feeling in his feet, as if he were paralyzed. It had all been so sudden, without any visible action from Rocky.

Of course, it must have been this man's doing! But no one noticed him do anything at all! Not even Isis, who had reached the seventh grade of the Heavenly Stage, saw him move a muscle.

'How did Calvin suddenly fall to his knees? No matter who did it, he or she must be an extraordinary spirit manipulator. This kind of feat is unheard of!' Isis stared at Rocky a few more times in disbelief, but she noticed that he didn't move one finger during this process.

However, what Isis didn't know was that when Rocky hit Calvin's hand with a red date, there was pretty strong spiritual power in it. The power directly blocked the flow of blood through Calvin's veins. Therefore, Calvin's leg grew paralyzed after a certain period of time due to insufficient blood supply. Rocky certainly had some tricks up his sleeve!

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