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   Chapter 193 Invaluable Items

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After the items of the second round were unveiled, people who hadn't gotten anything in the first round became even more restless. This resulted in the second round fetching a much larger amount of money than the first.

Everyone who was participating in the auction was visibly excited, many of them sweaty. Most also looked exhausted, as if they had done some strenuous exercise. It was obvious that the tug-of-war and social dynamics at the auction were very fierce.

"Everybody, just relax. There is going to be a third round," the boss said, also sweating heavily. He raised his hand. Three fingers, a third round.

"What!? A third round? There's going to be a third round?

Are you kidding us?

How does your Super Beast Farm own so many treasures?"

Someone exclaimed, inciting the crowd into an uproar.

"That is a trade secret, sir. I'm afraid I can't tell you," the boss said in an assertive tone. He gestured for the items of the third round to be presented to the public.

Everyone's attention was now on the items on the platform. They all gaped at these treasures in sheer amazement. The items displayed were totally different from those in the last two rounds. They were more valuable and certainly much rarer!

The whole place was plunged into complete madness. The auction had now turned into a battlefield where bullets were money. All because of Rocky's things! And at the end of this war, the real victors would not actually be the winning bidders but Rocky and the Super Beast Farm.

This result was obvious from the very first round.

After three rounds, the result broke the record of the Super Beast Farm. The amount of money achieved in these three rounds was larger than what it made in a month!

The boss was ecstatic about this result. He looked so overjoyed, his mouth stretched out in such a wide grin that it looked comically distorted.

People were preparing to leave, thinking that the auction would be over at that time when the boss announced that there would be a fourth round. Most of the bidders had spent all of their money in the last three rounds and cursed in regret when they heard that there would be a fourth round. And those who still had some money beamed with pleasure, looking around with arrogance at the unhappy bidders. They prepared themselves for the upcoming round.

"Where on earth did the Super Beast Farm get so many treasures?" Isis, who had bought several objects asked herself, extremely confused. She was a frequent customer to the

ting around with women. That was why he had spent so much money on the tail hair—to impress her.

"How dare you! Do you know who she is? She..." At that time, a girl standing beside Isis said in a harsh tone. But Isis shushed her. The last thing she wanted right now was for her identity to be exposed in case they would be met by trouble.

"It's your lady's fortune to be favored by our young master. Do you know who he is? Don't waste this opportunity! Our young master is Calvin Zhao, the son of Flank Zhao who is the Frontline Commander of the Crimson Dragon Group," one of the two attendants said in a condescending tone.

"Flank Zhao?" Isis knew this man. He had won a lot of battles and enjoyed a good reputation in the Crimson Dragon Group. Isis hadn't expected that he had such a worthless son.

Hearing it, many people showed an expression of fear. The Crimson Dragon Group was both famed and feared. Calvin was the son of the Frontline Commander, so most people wouldn't dare piss him off.

"Are you afraid now? If so, be quick to show your face. If our young master likes you, you may have the luck to be his fifth wife. It will become a great honor for your family," the other attendant echoed.

"Keep it low key. I'm not the kind of guy who uses his power to bully others," Calvin Zhao said with a perky, self-absorbed tone. Seeing as how Isis didn't move at all, he reached out his hand, intending to lift her facial veil.

Isis eyes darkened. Calvin Zhao would end up with a miserable end if she wielded her skills.

At that time, a slim shadow rushed through the other side of the screen and slapped Calvin's hand as it reached for Isis mid-air.

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