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   Chapter 192 It Is Hard To Imagine

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"What are you still doing in here?" the boss asked curiously as he looked back and saw that Rocky still sitting there, feeling embarrassed for what he had just said.

"If I leave, you'll miss a once in a lifetime opportunity. Are you really willing to let this chance to make big money slip right through your fingers?" Rocky asked in reply as he folded his arms across his chest.

"What exactly are you saying?" The boss looked curiously at Rocky. He was wondering why this obscurely dressed country boy had such high levels of self-confidence to actually say the things coming out of his mouth.

Rocky flashed a smile as he put down the basket on his back. He took out a piece of hide of a two-star Swamp Crocodile and handed it to the boss. "This right here is the hide of a one-star Swamp Crocodile. How much do you think is it worth?"

Upon hearing Rocky's words, the boss stared at him in surprise. He then began to examine the hide more closely as if he was an expert on crocodile skin.

"It seems like it really is the hide of a two-star Swamp Crocodile. Where exactly did you get this?" The boss asked as he was astonished by what was shown to him.

"I would prefer not to say. There are a lot of good things like this inside my basket. Do you have any interest in selling them for me?" Rocky said in an estranged voice.

"Anything valuable in the basket?" The boss stared at the basket with his wide eyes. 'Could it be a treasure basket?' He thought to himself.

"There's something way better hidden inside of it. Do you have any questions?" Rocky replied as he raised his eyebrows.

"Something even better than the hide of a two-star Swamp Crocodile?" The boss was totally stunned by Rocky's reply. He bowed to apologize, "I have been both blind and ignorant until just now. Please don't stoop down to my level. It would be completely unnecessary. I know that you are a big-hearted man. Would you mind giving me a minute of your time to talk in private?" The boss was obviously a weathercock and an artful person.

To see is to believe. Most people would believe what they see rather than what they hear. The boss had examined Rocky's hides of Swamp Crocodile very closely and had already given him his full. He altered his attitude and began to be more respectful towards Rocky.

After a while, the boss led Rocky to a guest room next to the auction house where he was received with utmost respect. He bowed before him and muttered sugarcoated words.

"Will you please tell me more about what you really have?" The boss asked politely. He was very shrewd yet sophisticated.

"I have about twenty or thirty of its

ay?" I can't help but find it a bit strange."

As the old Chinese saying goes, we can never have too many good things.

In less than half an hour, a few of the two-star goods had already been auctioned for ridiculous prices.

The boss was smiling radiantly. 'Today, my Super Beast Farm will definitely rake in huge amounts of money!' he thought to himself.

"It seems that I could really make a fortune out of wild spirit-manipulated beast hunting," Rocky said under his breath as he watched the items get sold in very high prices. It was beyond Rocky's imagination that the horns and the snake galls would reach a good price at the auction. If the bones of the three-star wild spirit-manipulated beasts were brought here, they would certainly be sold for an even higher price.

After the first round of auction, the boss looked around and said, "We are just getting warmed up. The next round is about to begin and it's going to be a lot more exciting."

His statement once again caused the audience to talk among themselves. Noise once again filled the entire auction house.

"Another round of auction? He must be kidding, isn't he? Could they really have anything better than the horns and the snake galls?" All the people at the auction house looked at each other in astonishment. They could hardly believe what they were hearing.

A few minutes later, several identical-looking horns and snake galls were presented to the crowd.

All the people in the auction house were stunned. They all fell silent as they admired what was in front of them.

This was the first time that the Super Beast Farm auctioned off so many two-star horns and snake galls. They all held their breath in sheer excitement. Everything was about to get more intense.

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