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   Chapter 191 All Were Treasures

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It was apparent that there were a lot of rich people who were interested in collecting rare things from the wild spirit-manipulated beasts with their fortune. In addition, there were some spirit manipulators who were aiming at some materials of good quality so that they could use them to forge their weapons. The power of these spirit manipulators was just between the Mortal Stage and the Earthly Stage. Only two or three of those spirit manipulators were able to reach the first grade of the Earthly Stage.

In the Evian City, spirit manipulators that were beyond the Earthly Stage were unusual. At the Gehenna Border, either in the military camps or as leaders of hired spirit manipulators like the man that Rocky met before, they were regarded as overmatches. Therefore, in normal conditions, it was rare for spirit manipulators at the Earthly Stage to come and go freely in the city.

At that moment, Rocky noticed that there were several female spirit manipulators at a corner near him. What piqued his interest were how they were all dressed as maids. Even though they restrained their auras, with his power at the second grade of the Earthly Stage, it was easy for Rocky to sense their true power. Furthermore, all of them were apparently between the sixth and the ninth grade of the Mortal Stage. In other words, their power when combined was almost equivalent to that of a strong team.

The female spirit manipulators just stood calmly at the corner like expressionless statues. Their calm composure stood out from the chaos of the crowd. It was apparent that they had gone through rigorous training. There was a woman who was sitting peacefully among the group. She was wearing a dress made out of pink tissues and it made her look beautiful and elegant. She was wearing a veil over her face but it could not hide her flawless and delicate features. Rocky barely saw the outline of her gentle eyes and long dark hair. Anyone who gazed upon her became tempted to see the true beauty that was hidden by her veil.

What attracted Rocky more was the unfathomable aura that was exuding from her. He couldn't evaluate her power at all. Rocky was convinced that she was not as weak as she would like people to assume. There must be some kind of reason for her to conceal her power on purpose.

'I guess those female spirit manipulators are guarding the veiled woman. Who is she? Why does she have that many powerful spirit manipulators around her? Why is she hiding her true power? She must be someone remarkable, ' Rocky speculated while looking at the woman intensely.

The people started noticing the woman and her bodyguards. They became curious of her identity. Moreover, the men found it difficult to look away from the gr

ss looked at him like he was crazy. He became convinced that Rocky was an abnormal, so he decided to just wave him away and urge him to leave. After looking at Rocky one last time, he gestured to the women on the stage.

When one of the women noticed his gesture, she walked to the front of the stage and displayed the auction item on her plate. "This is the softest crocodile hide that comes from the belly of a one-star Swamp Crocodile. Neither water, fire, nor any weapon could do damage to it. We start the bidding at fifty golden coins."

"One hundred golden coins."

"One hundred and fifty golden coins."

There were a lot of people who bid up the hide of the one-star Swamp Crocodile. Finally, to Rocky's surprise, the ordinary hide was sold for three hundred golden coins.

The woman stepped down from the stage and gave the hide of the one-star Swamp Crocodile to the highest bidder in person. After paying for it, the businessman grinned cheekily and then seized the opportunity to grab the woman's backside.

The woman cried cutely at having her backside grabbed and surprisingly appeared as if she enjoyed the attention. She then handed the three hundred golden coins to the boss immediately. The golden coin circulated through the Wild Spirit Land.

"Ha-ha. I bought that for only one hundred golden coins. I earn two hundred golden coins because of that," the boss said in excitement. When Rocky heard that, he realized that the boss was fairly pleased with his profits.

"I never thought that the hide of a one-star Swamp Crocodile could be so valuable. That would make the hides of two-star Swamp Crocodiles inside my basket, more or less, a several hundred golden coins worth," Rocky murmured to himself while still standing next to the boss. He finally felt that he came to the right place.

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