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   Chapter 190 Good Deal (Part Two)

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He was on the way to see Sue for the day so he figured he might as well take these things to the Evian City and sell them. He could probably make a small fortune out of this.

After having everything sorted out, Rocky took off his uniform and changed into some fresh clothes. He then carried the basket full of materials from wild spirit-manipulated beasts and asked Uriah to take care of Rubygon before he left the military camp for the Evian City.

Shortly after he left the military camp, Rocky ran into a carriage heading to the same direction. The driver was a middle-aged man, who greeted Rocky passionately and was willing to give him a lift.

Rocky thanked him and got on the carriage. Thankfully, he was lucky to have hitched a ride. He did carry some heavy items with him after all.

They chatted on the way and it turned out that the driver was a villager from a town at the west of the northeast military camp. He usually travelled back and forth between his small town and the Evian City for some small trade. The driver told him something he did not know about.

"Commander Marin at your northeast military camp is a good person. The order at this region has significantly improved since she became the Commander of the northeast military camp. This place used to be crawled with bandits. We were poor, but thanks to Commander Marin who eliminated all the bad guys, we now live a better life." The driver held Marin in high regards when he heard that Rocky was stationed at the northeast military camp. It was until then did Rocky realized that Marin had done so much for the people. He hadn't given it much thought.

'She sounded really nice except for her bad temper, ' Rocky thought to himself. He had not thought much about Marin mainly because Marin was trying to find his identity, which made him think that she was quite annoying. It was quite a hassle trying to avoid every conversation about his identity. So as much as p

carried the basket in and saw a counter to his left where a couple of busboys were busy with something. He walked over and asked, "May I know if your boss is around?"

One of the busboys looked up from what he was doing and stared at Rocky. "You want to see my boss? He is at the auction on the second floor," He answered.

"Thank you." Rocky nodded and headed upstairs. The reason that he needed to see the boss was that the volume of his merchandise was big. This amount would definitely cause a stir if people found out. So, he wished to sell directly to the boss in private to avoid any unnecessary attention and trouble. He certainly did not want to go to the trouble of explaining how he had acquired such a large quantity of merchandise.

When he reached the auction on the second floor, there were already dozens of participants sitting in for it. Most of them looked like businessmen of some sort.

This was a favorite spot for all businessmen as it was very close to the Gehenna Border, where many people would hunt for wild spirit-manipulated beasts and sold their parts at the Super Beast Farm. No wonder businessmen would swarm this place. This was where they would purchase some good parts and sell them elsewhere to profit from gap in the price, and the business was booming.

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