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   Chapter 189 Good Deal (Part One)

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"It is you, Commander!" Rocky let go off the spirit-manipulated beast and stood up to greet Marin. "I never thought that you would actually show up in here. Did you mention any innocent woman? Em... Actually, no woman here. But now we have one."

Marin noticed the whole place was deserted. Aside from Rocky and a spirit-manipulated beast, no one else was present, so she understood immediately that he was talking about her. She felt a little awkward. She was sure that the way she moved and talked would show how self-conscious she had become. Luckily, it was getting dark and there was no light in the beast farm. She could barely even see Rocky's features with the low illumination of the place. Only his silhouette and a few details of his face were visible from Marin's point of view, so she tried to talk pass this awkwardness. "What are you doing here in the middle of the night?"

"What am I doing here? I asked you to transfer me to the beast farm. I never asked to be a feeder! Now I am carrying and washing meat for the beasts. I am here working because of you!" Rocky exclaimed furiously. He was a little angry seeing Marin. He stared at her coldly.

"Why are you getting upset? I thought you were interested in raising war beasts. Otherwise, why would you volunteer to work at the beast farm? That's why I granted you your wish and let you be a feeder here instead of a handyman. Yet, instead of thanking me, you yelled at me. You know you can learn a lot from Sheridan right? He had been in the military camp for most of his life. Quite an ace at..." Marin suddenly stopped in her track. An important information almost slipped past her lips. She needed to be careful with her words. While she didn't give out much detail, Rocky caught on with her.

"Ace at what?" Rocky sensed that Marin was trying to hide something. He squinted his eyes and pursued with question. He knew there was something about Sheridan's identity, but he wasn't just sure what. Sheridan was more than just an old man managing the beast farm. He remembered how powerful he seemed when Sherid

y's receding figure.

When he returned to his room, Rocky took out the primary Dark Heaven Egg and cultivated with it for one night. The Dark Heaven Egg was truly extraordinary. Although the primary Dark Heaven Egg was not as potent as the middle grade one, he could still felt the significant improvement of his spiritual power.

Soon enough, the day broke and Rocky finished absorbing all of the energy from the Dark Heaven Egg. He stopped his cultivation and left house to finish his chores at the beast farm for today.

When he was done with his chores, Rocky came back to his room to categorize the objects of value taken from wild spirit-manipulated beasts. He carefully organized and placed them in a big basket, which was bigger than the two bags combined that Rocky asked Jackson to sell.

However, the two bags of objects that he gave Jackson were taken from the wild spirit-manipulated beasts at the second grade of three-stars. Just as the Centipede-snake venom and teeth, all other objects were also valuable. It was quite a shame. Despite the great value of those items, he only got more than one hundred golden coins from the sales. It was because Jackson did not know their true value plus he sold them at a fair of a small town. Rocky thought it was a waste. After all, the objects from the two three-star wild spirit-manipulated beasts were not easy to come by.

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