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   Chapter 188 It Was Actually You

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 8034

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"Am I worthy enough to rob you now?" Rocky raised his eyebrows as he mocked the frightened squad leader. He hid in fear, completely trembling in dread. One would wonder where the arrogant leader who he used to be went.

"Yes. You are. You are competent enough now. You can take these. They're all yours now," the squad leader answered, his voice shaking in fear. Soon enough, he and his men fled with their tails in between their legs.

When the other spirit manipulators were gone, Rocky herded the bald camels together and made them pull the two carts he just robbed. After leading them to where he captured the Dark Heaven Insects, he dismounted the woods that previously occupied the carts and replaced them with the freshly captured Dark Heaven Insects. He had Uriah and Rubygon leading the camels on the way back. It was indeed a fruitful journey.

But their trip was interrupted constantly. Rocky knew better and remained careful around the squads of spirit manipulators patrolling the northeast military camp. He could not afford bumping into them. With all the tiptoeing around the other military personnels, it took Rocky almost the entire day to reach the Ghost Village.

Rocky made the bald camels help with the excavation of the cave in the middle of the Ghost Village. Just like what he did last time, he hid these two Dark Heaven Insects in the den. The den beneath the Ghost Village was spacious enough for seven to eight Dark Heaven Insects. If it ever got too crowded, he could always expand the den. Space was not an issue.

After knocking the two Dark Heaven Insects unconscious with the Centipede Dragon venom, Rocky went back up to the surface. He headed towards the bald camels and unbridled them.

"You are all free now," Rocky told the camels while gently patting their heads. He could not help but feel sorry for these creatures for they were ruthlessly enslaved by the soldiers.

The bald camels seemed to understand what Rocky just told them. They let out a cry and looked at each other for a few seconds. They then lowered their heads, as if trying to show Rocky their gratitude. They galloped out of the Ghost Village in a herd with an elder one leading them.

Now that the camels were freed, Rocky took his time walking back to the military camp with Uriah and little Rubygon.

'I might need to head over to the town tomorrow. I have to forge giant cuffs to c

own as the night deepened.

Coincidentally, Marin was headed the beast farm to check on her war dragon, Verdanim.

It was rather dark, and the light on the beast farm had yet to be lit. As she was getting closer to the farm, she heard someone talking in a hushed manner.

"Hey, can you please stay still? Just for a second, please? Gentle, okay?

There, there. You'll be okay soon. Please sit tight for one more second. I promise it's gonna be okay soon.

Don't cry! It'll be bad if we catch other people's attention. I'm not doing anything bad to you, okay? I just—," the voice said.

Marin was shrouded with darkness when she heard the voice of a still unknown person. It was coming from the darkened beast farm. She could not imagine someone from the military camp to be doing something so terrible. With her blood boiling, she rushed towards the beast farm and furiously scolded, "How dare you harass an innocent woman right inside the military camp!"

Before Marin was a man cuddling a spirit-manipulated beast. It was clear she misunderstood the whole situation. Marin was praying for the ground to open up and swallow her whole. How she wished she could take her words back! She mistook a spirit-manipulated beast for a woman.

And just like everyone expected, it was Rocky.

Rocky was deeply immersed in his Magical Evaluation Skill training when a pretty woman appeared beside him. He was so confused at why the pretty lady was frowning at him. When he was finally able to see her face fully, he could not help but be frozen. The beautiful face frowning upon him was Marin's.

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