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   Chapter 187 Giving A Violent Thrashing

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With a resounding boom, a fireball was catapulted from Uriah's tail and heavily hit the iron-hard shell of the stronger three-star Dark Heaven Insect. With a shower of blinding sparks, its shell began to smoke.

A few meters away, Rocky could sense that Uriah had greatly weakened in physical strength and speed. The Dark Heaven Insect seized the opportunity and struck at Uriah, wiping it out. Because of the enormous consumption of its physical strength, Uriah rolled over on the ground before it could stagger and stand up. Fortunately, it wasn't hurt badly.

Seeing Uriah being knocked down, Rocky was about to step in to offer some help. However, at the moment, a beast as small as a dog ran out. Standing before Uriah, it made threatening gestures to the Dark Heaven Insect, valiant despite its harmless size.

"Little Rubygon!" Rocky cried out. He was totally astounded when he recognized the small creature, totally not expecting it to come rushing out to defend Uriah. However, Little Rubygon's power was nowhere near the caliber of the Dark Heaven Insect.

The Dark Heaven Insect was visibly irritated by the small beast in front of it. Without hesitation, it ran right at Little Rubygon, who would be killed or severely wounded if a collision happened. Rocky could only watch in horror, with no time to save poor Little Rubygon.

But all of a sudden, a beast jumped forward to keep Little Rubygon behind it. It took the blow from the collision of the Dark Heaven Insect. With a deafening bang, the impact wave spread to all directions, dirt and stones flying as though they had been swept up in a hurricane. The ground was shrouded in dust.

Uriah whimpered. It was completely exhausted and couldn't take it anymore, collapsing on the ground. However, at the moment, the Dark Heaven Insect was preparing to launch a second attack. Uriah was in a critical condition. Its life was in great peril!

"Whistle!" A bone arrow zoomed rapidly through the air, sinking neatly into the hind leg of the Dark Heaven Insect. Pushed by the mighty momentum of the arrow, the Dark Heaven Insect lost its balance and tumbled down on its back.

At the point, Rocky darted towards the Dark Heaven Insect, tightly clutching the Frozen Wind Dagger. He stabbed its soft underside, and the Centipede-snake's venom seeped instantly into its bloodstream. Almost right away, the Dark Heaven Insect was totally paralyzed, unable to fight back at all.

"Uriah!" Rocky shouted as he rushed to Uriah, which was hobbling to stand up. Going through the second violent collision, Uriah looked miserable. It was clear that it was suffering through a great deal of pain. However, after a careful examination, Rocky diagnosed that apart from some side

d forward. He was arrogant and aggressive, and Rocky disliked him immediately.

"Leave the lorries and the bald camels, and you will leave with your life," Rocky called out. He planned to snatch the two lorries and the bald camels. With them, he could effortlessly transport the two Dark Heaven Insects back. Since there were many bushrangers here, no one would think of him as a criminal.

"Did you hear that?" The team leader burst into peals of mocking laughter, looking around at the other spirit manipulators. They all saw this strange man as an overconfident wretch.

"Captain, he really thinks he's going to plunder us!" one of the spirit manipulators replied as he guffawed.

"Ha-ha! Plunder us? He must be kidding. Doesn't he recognize that we're the spirit manipulators of the northwest military camp? Doesn't he know our power is much beyond his? Has he been living under a rock? He really wants to plunder us. What a joke! He must be tired of living," the team leader sneered. Of course, Rocky's aura seemed faint to them, so the team leader naturally assumed that he was no big deal. He was convinced that Rocky was too arrogant about his power.

"You! Go to teach him a lesson. Show him he is nowhere near qualified to plunder the goods of the northwest military camp. Send him home!" the team leader ordered the fellow spirit manipulators. Instantly, they encircled Rocky, brimming with confidence though none of them were particularly powerful. They were no match for Rocky and soon found this out, much to their horror.

Moments later, with their mouths full of blood, several figures, beaten black and blue, rolled groaning on the ground. Some of them even had several of their teeth knocked out. Under this violent attack, their faces were marred almost to the point of not being recognizable.

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