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   Chapter 186 Kill Two Birds With One Stone

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Rocky stared closely at the spot under the magical saliva and soon, he saw something pitch-black crawl out of the ground. The creature had a hard, black shell and black wings. Rocky realized that it was the Dark Heaven Insect that he had been looking for. This particular Insect's strength was at the first grade of the three-star level, the same as that of the one he had captured earlier.

Rocky heaved a sigh of relief. The Dark Heaven Insect at the first grade of the three-star level was pretty easy to deal with. It would not take him too much effort to capture it alive. On one hand, his strength was the same as the creature's. And in addition to that, he had secret weapons—the bone arrows dipped in the Centipede-snake's venom, powerful enough to paralyze a big beast in a split second. But before he could move in to capture it, he saw another huge figure crawling out of the ground nearby. It was another Dark Heaven Insect. But this one was at the second grade of the three-star level, stronger than the previous one. Its strength was at least equivalent to a spirit manipulator, who was at the second grade of the Earthly Stage.

"Wow! I get to kill two birds with one stone? I just can't believe my luck!" Rocky blurted out jubilantly. He was surprised by the arrival of the second Dark Heaven Insect. It was hard to believe that he had managed to lure two Dark Heaven Insects out of their caves at the same time with his magical saliva.

Although it was a lucky break that two of them had popped out from underground all of a sudden, it was going to be tricky to capture and get them back. He had to figure out a good plan fast. If there were only one of them, it would have been easy for him to capture it alive. But now, he had to capture both at the same time. It was going to be a bit troublesome. The Dark Heaven Insect was very difficult to deal with because of its tough skin. Rocky had to conquer the two Dark Heaven Insects at the same time. He would be in serious trouble if they joined together to fight him off.

He watched as the two Dark Heaven Insects crawled out of the ground and dashed towards the magical saliva that was hanging above them. Rocky felt his heart pound and his mind was racing. He knew that he had to come up with a good plan as soon as possible. Opportunity seldom knocked twice; if he missed this chance to catch the two insects alive, it would be hard for him to find an opportunity like this again. His plan, although it was an absolutely difficult challenge, was to take the risk and go all out to capture the two insects alive. But if that plan failed, he would kill the weaker one first, and capture the stronger one alive, since it could produce Dark Heaven Eggs at the medium grade. It was the best strategy he could come up with at that moment—sacrifice the knights in order to save the queen, which meant making minor sacrifices to safeguard major interests.

Making up his mind quickly, with two abrupt whoosh sounds, Rocky shot two bone arrows stained with the Centipede-snake's venom, one afte

parks flared up in the air. Still, the insect didn't show any sign of weakness. It, at once, lifted its body abruptly with great force. Rocky was thrown aside violently. But he managed to land on his feet. He retreated two steps before he could stand firm on the ground. It was obvious now, how amazing the power of the Dark Heaven Insect was.

After being thrown around by it a few times the same way, Rocky realized that he could not fight the creature head-on. In a split second, he came up with a better plan. He drew his bow and shot an arrow directly at the Dark Heaven Insect. The insect immediately flapped its black wings, stirred up a wave of dust, and tried to deflect the bone arrow. But a second after the first bone arrow was shot, a second arrow headed towards the insect at a faster pace, almost parallel to the previous one.

Just as the insect had blown away the previous bone arrow, the other bone arrow flew directly towards it. The three-star Dark Heaven Insect hadn't expected such a trick from its attacker. Before it could react appropriately, the bone arrow pierced one of its legs.

The insect felt its forelimb go soft and weak and it soon fell to the ground with a loud thud.

When Rocky saw that his plan had worked, he was delighted. He took the opportunity and used his Frozen Wind Dagger to attack it violently. He also used his bone arrows to neutralize the remaining legs of the insect. Finally, the Dark Heaven Insect was defeated and captured, with its huge body completely flattened to the ground.

After conquering the weaker three-star Dark Heaven Insect, Rocky had consumed more than half of his spiritual power. But he had no time to rest. To supplement his lost spiritual power, he took a drop of the magical saliva. Without further delay, he then dashed towards Uriah's direction, who was in a fierce fight with the stronger three-star Dark Heaven Insect.

Since its power was inferior to the insect's, Uriah was at a disadvantageous position at that moment. Rocky rushed to help Uriah.

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