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   Chapter 184 New Attempt

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After Rocky went back to the house, he fetched the bow and arrows along with other necessary equipment. He then took Uriah and Rubygon to sneak out of the military camp and head for the last possible location under the jurisdiction of the northeast military camp where they could possibly find the Dark Heaven Insect.

This location was in the southernmost part called the Carcass Valley. The name itself was terrifying enough, not to mention that it was an area where wild spirit-manipulated beasts wandered, which made their exploration rather dangerous.

By the time Rocky arrived at the Carcass Valley, it was already dark. It was also very quiet all around.

The Carcass Valley was rich in foliage and water, which made it suitable for different wild spirit-manipulated beasts to survive. It was easy to assume there were at least hundreds of spirit-manipulated beasts wandering inside the valley. Luckily, it was already late at night which meant that most wild spirit-manipulated beasts were already resting in their nests except for the nocturnal ones.

A rustle came from a thick patch of grass where a figure then appeared, followed by two smaller beasts that differed in size.

They were Rocky and his two beasts - Uriah and Rubygon.

"Howl!" Rubygon growled nervously. This was the first time it followed Rocky into a dangerous place like this.

"Shhhh, you have to keep quiet." Rocky gestured to Rubygon.

Uriah also hit Rubygon's little head tenderly with its claw as a way to let it know that it must be quiet.

"This place could be really dangerous. I have sensed auras of different wild spirit-manipulated beasts from all directions." Rocky frowned. If he took out the magical saliva in a place like this, he would immediately be surrounded by a group of wild spirit-manipulated beasts before the Dark Heaven Insects could even show themselves.

However, the magical saliva was also the only way to attract the Dark Heaven Insects and it had certainly placed him in quite a dilemma.

To avoid drawing the attention of any other wild spirit-manipulated beasts, Rocky walked around the valley first to check its topography while at the time detecting the potential spots for the nests of the Dark Heaven Insects.

The valley was quite big. By the time Rocky finished his tour, it was already deep into the night with tons of stars shining

van. Who would have thought that he was transferred just like that."

"I think that the most plausible explanation for this is that Evan already knew that he no longer had a future for his career in the northeast military camp so he pulled some strings to get himself transferred to somewhere else."

"Looks like that Deputy Commander Chen is the only one that took the fall in the end."

Rocky raised his eyebrows. He was not surprised by the fact that Even had been transferred. He was shameless and despicable, but he still had not the balls to stay at the northeast military camp after his plan of setting Rocky up was compromised.

After arriving at Marin's tent, Rocky asked the guards to inform Marin of his arrival and entered once cleared.

There were two other Deputy Commanders along with a couple of squad leaders in Marin's tent.

Deputy Commander Chen was also there and he could barely look at Rocky in the eyes. He seemed to have aged greatly overnight.

"Rocky, you arrived just in time." Marin greeted Rocky the second she saw him.

"Greetings, Commander. I am here to ask about the......" Just as Rocky was about to talk, Marin spoke first. "Evan, the squad leader of the first squad, has been transferred to another military camp. There weren't enough spirit manipulators for each squad so I am appointing you as the temporary squad leader of the first squad for the time being. Any penalty that you are subject to is to be postponed indefinitely."

Other Deputy Commanders along with the squad leaders were surprised by Marin's announcement.

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