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   Chapter 183 Mysterious Old Man

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About an hour later, a couple of carriages stopped outside of the beast farm. The loud sound of thumping and wheels rolling became silent as the carriages pulled up in front of the farm. The carriages were all loaded with huge chunks of meat in their back, weighing dozens of pounds each. A couple of men jumped off and started to unload the meat. There were grunts and thuds as they hauled the meat out of the carriage and in front of the beast farm. It took them about half an hour before they finished unloading all of it.

After checking if they have unloaded everything, they jumped back on the carriages and took off the same way they came. Soon enough, they were out of Rocky's sight and the sounds of their carriages are fading into the distance. Rocky stared at the pile in front of him in disbelief.

"It cannot be! They just left like that? How will I carry all these meat inside by myself?" Rocky popped his head from the beast farm. In his imagination, being a feeder did not involve such hard labor.

Rocky couldn't help but feel extreme regret. Had he known that this job was like this, he would had asked Marin to transfer him somewhere else. Somewhere mellow perhaps instead of here where he was struggling with the meat. However on the plus side, the beast farm was the only place for him to improve his Magical Evaluation Skill. So despite the great inconvenience, he had to put up with it. He made the decision back then, so he had to see it through. Right now, he had meat to carry. He grumbled and cursed under his breath. Just because he had to do it, doesn't mean he had to like it.

"Fine. I can do it." Rocky sighed. He stomped to the pile and then picked up a piece of meat weighing dozens of pounds and carried it back to the beast farm.

One by one he picked up all of the meat and placed them in the cribs of all spirit-manipulated beasts. He grunted and cursed every time he picked up a meat and carried it all the way to the cribs. After he finished feeding the beasts, Rocky decided to practice his Magical Evaluation Skill. However, just as he was about to begin, a low voice came beside Rocky. "Are you done feeding them?"

Rocky looked up and saw that Sheridan had appeared out of nowhere. He stared at him expectantly.

"Yes, it's all done." Rocky nodded.

He then entered the beast farm to inspect Rocky's work. Rocky waited for him to finish. Rocky was sure that every beast had meat to eat. However, after a moment, Sheridan walked back outside and shouted at Rocky angrily. "All the spirit-manipulated beasts have not eaten a single piece of meat!"

Rocky was stunned. He also walked back into the stable to check and found that all the meat he put there were barely touched. For some reason, all spirit-manipulated beasts did not even bother to look at the meat. It was a strange scenario. Why wouldn't they eat their meat when it was right in front of them?

"What the hell happened?" Rocky felt very strange and wondered if these spirit-manipulated beasts were having a hunger strike just because they did not like him. Was it possible for them to do that? Could they really hold back out of contempt?

"Haven't I taught you that these food must be washed with fre

an old man but his strength surpassed those in their peak years. At least he was not able to see his true strength.

"I am just an old man running the beast farm," Sheridan said calmly. Yet, Rocky knew he was lying. There was no doubt that this old man was more than what he claimed to be. He was no doubt hiding something. But what was it and why?

Rocky got serious. He had never expected an old man at the beast farm could be a top-notch spirit manipulator. Rocky had to admit that he misread Sheridan completely.

"I am sorry for what I said to you earlier. Please forgive me." Rocky was no idiot. He knew that he would gain nothing by going against him. So he deferred to him.

"Looks you found your place after all. I am not someone of high status. I am just an old man at the beast farm. If you have no problem, then please go inside and clean the beast farm." Sheridan then walked out with his hands behind his back.

"Why did this old man hide his strength to be an administrator at this small military camp? Who the hell is he?" Questions after questions popped into Rocky's head. His head hurt from the continuous flow of questions yet he could not answer any of them. Now that Rocky had gotten a taste of Sheridan's strength, he decided to behave himself around him. There was always someone who was better and stronger. And such a powerful man was willingly being an administrator here. So he decided that he was not going to complain any longer about this job being merely at the second grade of the Earthly Stage.

Rocky entered the beast farm and worked while practicing the Magical Evaluation Skill. Morning was soon over, and his work was done.

"Glad to see that you worked fast this morning. Looks you can still be taught." Sheridan just finished a round of inspection and nodded approvingly at the clean and organized beast farm. He was satisfied by Rocky's performance.

"If there is nothing needed of me, I will be on my way." Rocky was still thinking about catching the Dark Heaven Insect so he bid farewell to him and went on his way.

Sheridan nodded and looked curiously at Rocky when he left the farm.

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