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   Chapter 182 A New Identity

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Rocky bowed his head and whispered in Marin's ear.

"Would those arrangements be possible?" Rocky asked. He looked at Marin, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Yes, I will arrange for it," Marin hastily replied, blushing. It took a while for her to regain control of herself. Then she cleared her throat and took a step back to distance herself from Rocky. She was rather perplexed that when he had come close to her, she felt a strange feeling stirring within her as her stomach rippled gently. She was a little uneasy about this.

"Well then. We'll leave you now, Commander." Rocky nodded and walked out of the tent with Sue.

"Mr. Bai, what did you say to Commander Marin? Why did she look a little weird?" Sue asked out of curiosity when they were out of the tent.

Rocky ignored her question, as something had suddenly come to mind. Worriedly, he asked, "Where's Little Rubygon, Sue?"

Sue's eyes twinkled with a smile. She untied her worn-out cloak to reveal Little Rubygon, which was sleeping soundly in her arms.

"Oh, how adorable that is!" Seeing this, Rocky was unable to stifle a laugh. Regardless of everything that had taken place in the past few hours, Little Rubygon still slept so peacefully. It was really quite fortunate that Rubygon was so obedient and calm, or its appearance would have surely caused a sensation.

"Let's go to my room first," Rocky said to Sue and led her to his quarters. However, they drew a lot of unusual looks all the way.

"Mr. Bai, why are they staring at us?" Sue asked. She instinctively huddled closer to him, feeling uncomfortable and frightened.

"Because they are all hungry wolves. Upon seeing a pretty lady such as yourself, they are itching to catch your attention," Rocky replied with a mean smirk.

"Don't make fun of me!" Sue pouted, her eyebrows furrowed as she glared at him. She felt rather embarrassed. But it was not long before her eyes quickly lost their spark once more. Morosely, Sue said, "Grandpa is gone. What will I do all by myself?"

"I've asked Commander Marin to arrange a place for you. When you get there, you can start a new life," Rocky said and gave a soft sigh.

"Where shall I go?" Sue asked while looking up at Rocky.

"I don't know yet, but I'm sure she'll know of somewhere safe and pleasant," Rocky replied gently.

"So that means I can't see Little Rubygon anymore," Sue said, frowning sadly.

"Don't worry, Sue. I'll make you a promise, alright? When I have time, I'll take Little Rubygon to see you," Rocky comforted her.

"Really? You better keep your word! Let's call it a deal." Sue stared at him earnestly, her eyes wide open with innocence and sadness.

Rocky smiled gently and nodded.

When they arrived at his quarters, they were greeted by the sight of Thor, Joss and Uriah.

"Captain!" Thor and Joss exclaimed happily, rushing over to him in a fit of excitement. All was not lost. Fortunately, Rocky had escaped by the skin of his teeth by the plot that Evan and Deputy Commander Chen had set into motion. It was definitely a cause for celebration.

"Why are you so happy?" Rocky darted a strange look at the two. Obviously, Rocky felt a little uncomfort

ume that he'd want to be a breeder here. Though he was a bit displeased, he still followed Sheridan inside, shaking his head the whole time.

At present, the beast farm was full of spirit-manipulated beasts. It could be roughly estimated that at least thirty to forty spirit-manipulated beasts were kept here. They howled constantly, creating a cacophony amidst the stench of muck and dung. However, his eyes running down them, Rocky found most of them were at very low levels. Upon his entrance, the first spirit-manipulated beast he encountered glared at him with its large eyes open wide.

"Your job is to feed the spirit-manipulated beasts and bathe them. You also need to clean up the beast farm to keep them healthy and energetic so that they can assist spirit manipulators to carry out their tasks. Their food will be sent by specially-assigned persons, so you just need to distribute it to their stalls. It's fairly easy. By the way, the spirit-manipulated beasts are easy to get..." Sheridan led Rocky, showing him around the beast farm. He pointed out particular residents, telling him some points for attention for the different spirit-manipulated beasts.

"I see," Rocky replied. Actually, he didn't concentrate on the spirit-manipulated beasts and paid little attention to Sheridan's words. He was far from being enthusiastic about being a breeder, so he had no interest in learning the knowledge about feeding them.

"I have to go now. You look after the beast farm," Sheridan said. It seemed that he fully trusted Rocky. With a curt nod, he turned around and left.

When Sheridan left, Rocky unlocked the door of a stable and walked in, smiling playfully at a second-star spirit-manipulated beast.

The spirit-manipulated beast was immediately on alert and stepped backwards. It was extremely afraid that the strange man would do something cruel to it.

"Don't be afraid. I won't hurt you. I just want to touch you..." Rocky said in a playful tone. Then he stretched his left hand shining with the spiritual light and got close to the second-star spirit-manipulated beast, whose eyes widened in fear.

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