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   Chapter 181 I Will Go To Raise Beasts (Part Two)

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"Commander... Didn't you just say you would spare my life?" Matthew began to blubber. He had been immediately blindsided when he heard what Marin announced, not expecting that she would suddenly change her mind. He was aghast that she would go back on her word.

"I just said that I would consider whether to save your life or not. But when I think of your shameful behavior of deceiving me and all the others here, I am convinced that your guilt is unforgivable. Now, I want someone to drag him down and behead him." Marin couldn't help shouting coldly, standing tall and looking regal and imposing.

Hearing the order, two soldiers immediately stepped forward. Matthew put up no resistance. His entire body was pale and ashen, ready to meet death. He was dragged down by the two soldiers immediately, staring soullessly into the sky before his head was sliced clean off with their sharp swords.

"In addition, I also take back my previous punishment of expelling Rocky from the northeast military camp. However, although he did things with a justified reason, it is also true and proven that he has killed two spirit manipulators in my jurisdiction. Therefore, I have now decided to demote him to a servant and constrain him into doing chores in the military camp for six months as a punishment!" Marin announced her punishment for Rocky, knowing that she had to be fair.

"As for Evan and Deputy Commander Chen, I am really disappointed with them. They even tried to cover up Matthew for his crimes and framed Rocky. I will announce my punishment for them in public some other day soon. Now that they have both borne witness to the other's corruption, they will surely be punished. You can rest assured that I will not engage in favoritism towards these officials. I will severely punish them for their crimes. All of you! Remember this wisely! I hope the whole army can take these events as a warning and learn from them. Deceit will not be tolerated." Then Marin turned to Rocky and Sue and told them quietly, "You two come with me first."

Rocky and Sue looked at each other doubtfully and followed Marin.

Evan and Deputy Commander Chen were left standing silently, gazing at each other in speechless dismay. Knowing the final result of this whole thing, they also clearly understood that neithe

e seemed to have some disagreements with Marin on many things. However, she seemed to care about him and his wellbeing. Right now, Rocky couldn't understand her intentions and the deep reasons behind her strange attitude towards him. However, Rocky only considered Marin's words for a few seconds and did not think too much. Since Marin insisted that he stay under her jurisdiction, he decided to stay in his favorite place. Calmly, he told her, "Then you can simply transfer me to the beast farm."

"The beast farm?" Upon hearing Rocky's reply, Marin was extremely perplexed. She didn't expect him to want to go to that place. Nobody really wanted to go there, after all! The environment there was dirty and smelly, and people who went there had to wait on the spirit-manipulated beasts all day long, which was really a very troublesome thing. Although his request was definitely strange, it was within the scope of her permission.

"Is there any problem with that?" Rocky squinted at Marin. Seeing her expressions change for several times, he wondered what was going on in her head.

"No. I approve." Marin nodded, still looking thoughtful.

"In addition, I have one more thing to please you," Rocky glanced at Sue beside him and said with a soft look.

"Is there anything else I can help you?" Marin asked curiously.

Suddenly, he came near her. At seeing Rocky approach her unexpectedly, Marin felt his aura envelope her instantly. All of a sudden, she became short of breath and her cheeks turned beet red. What on earth!

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