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   Chapter 180 I Will Go To Raise Beasts (Part One)

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Updated: 2019-11-21 13:27

"Commander, I am sure that this bitch must have been coerced by Rocky! Otherwise, she would have never chosen to testify against me. She is committing perjury now, and you must not listen to her slanderous words," Matthew said, gnashing his teeth in great anger. He couldn't help but cast a resentful look at Sue. His fingers fiddled with each other, a sign that he was extremely anxious at this moment. He was terrified that Marin would find out the truth.

"Fine. Then how do you explain this token?" At the moment, Marin took the token from Sue's hand and threw it in front of Matthew.

"Well, about that... I, uh... I must have accidentally dropped it when I tried to stop Rocky's evil deeds! As we all know, Rocky is a ruthless killer with great strength. Therefore, if I want to do my best to resist his attack, I definitely have no spare time to care about whether my token has fallen onto the ground or not!" Matthew said, a look of surprise and recognition flashing across his face.

"You mean that you have dropped the token due to your carelessness? That is really a 'perfect excuse', wouldn't you say? Do you think I'm stupid, Matthew? Don't you think your excuse is so ridiculous and untenable? Since the whole thing has already come to light, I am really surprised that you still dare to lie through your teeth to me!" Marin shouted, staring down at him in rage. Matthew trembled with fear. "And as for the two of you..." Marin also glared at Evan and Deputy Commander Chen behind him. It immediately occurred to her that it was these three people who had conspired together to frame Rocky and let herself be deceived. It was such a shame that even she, the Commander of the military camp, was almost cheated by these vile people.

"Deputy Commander Chen, it never occurred to me that you would be so willing to cover Matthew's crimes and frame Rocky. It is no wonder that I saw you and Matthew whispering in private before. Matthew must have given you some benefits so that you would act in his favor! How despicable you are! You are really a disgrace to the army!" Evan said accusingly, immediately pointing at Deputy Commander Chen. At this point, he realized that his own corruptions would be exposed if he didn't try to cover his tracks. I

t the current situation became even more astonished. The whole area began to be in an uproar again. It turned out that this result was indeed a stunning reversal, shocking everyone present.

No one had expected that Rocky was actually framed, and that the people who jointly framed him were Evan and Deputy Commander Chen, two well-known people in the army.

"I already told you guys that our leader did nothing wrong. I was always firmly convinced that our leader must have been wronged by someone," Thor and Joss immediately cried out with great excitement as they saw the truth finally coming to light. As they celebrated, they couldn't help but shoot meaningful glances at several spirit manipulators of the sixth squad. They meant to reiterate how unwise it had been to distrust their leader before.

Meanwhile, the other spirit manipulators of the sixth squad all looked embarrassed and were speechless, feeling incredibly awkward. After all, they too had clamored that Rocky was a maniac killer before. It also made them feel terribly guilty that they had doubted their leader's innocence for one second.

"Matthew not only killed innocent villagers, but also intended to insult the dignity of women from good families. His shameful behavior has greatly ruined the image of our soldiers in front of the civilians. Since he is really guilty of a terrible crime, I propose to execute him in public!" Marin announced her decision loudly without even batting an eye, satisfied at his confession.

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