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   Chapter 179 The Truth Comes Out

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"What is this scent? It's just a war beast at the second grade of the three-star level, but why does it look somewhat familiar?" Marin looked very puzzled at the sight of the beast, because other than her Verdanim in the northeast military camp, other spirit-manipulated beasts that were at the second grade of the three-star level were very rare in their area. It was definitely no wonder she was so shocked to see a war beast with a level like this one in the camp!

The other troops present were also very shocked at the sight of this war beast, because just like a king of all beasts, it looked different from normal ones of its kind typically found in these parts. It had a very unique scent, and forged ahead with the vigor and vitality of the lion.

"Uriah! Sue!" Rocky shouted in surprise, his mouth agape at the sight of his friends.

What an unexpected turn of events!

"Mr. Bai!" Sue shouted as she leaped off Uriah and then rushed to him.

Uriah followed right after her.

"Didn't I tell you to leave here immediately?" Rocky frowned, seeing Sue rushing to him.

"I waited for a whole night but you didn't come, so I could sense that something must have happened to you. I insisted that Uriah bring me back. I could never leave you alone to face danger," said Sue innocently and earnestly.

"May I ask who you are?" Marin asked. She found it very strange to see Sue. The puzzling and worrying exchange they just had concerned her even more.

"Ma'am, Mr. Bai killed someone because of me. If you must arrest someone, please arrest me instead of him," said Sue, coming close to Marin.

"Because of you?" Marin was confused.

"Some soldiers from your military camp killed my grandpa and--and, tried to force themselves on me. Therefore, Mr. Bai killed them to save me," Sue said, her eyes filling with tears.

At this moment, Evan and Deputy Commander Chen were gobsmacked to hear what she said, because they had never expected the victim in question to come to Rocky's defense. Deputy Commander Chen had already gone to the village before, wanting to find this girl whose grandfather had been killed and whom Matthew had tried to rape. He had planned to force her to frame Rocky, but when he heard that Sue had already left the village, he instead gathered the other villagers and forced them wit

ng senselessly.

"Then can you tell me why they would want to set you up?" They have nothing to do with you!" Marin questioned him sharply.

Deputy Commander Chen was speechless. He had no idea how to talk himself out of this one.

"Sue, do you remember the face of the man who killed your grandpa?" Marin turned to Sue, asking gently.

"I do," said Sue nodding.

"Guards, bring Matthew to me!" Marin commanded. Evan and Deputy Commander Chen looked at each other, anxious.

Before long, Matthew was carried there with almost half of his body paralyzed, but when he saw Rocky still alive and Sue standing next to Marin, his face immediately drained of all its blood. He had thought Rocky was surely dead, but apparently, the situation now was not what he had anticipated.

"Yes! Him! He is the murderer who killed my grandpa!" Sue shouted, pointing at him. Her distressed face was beet red and her eyes streamed with tears.

"He is the one who killed your grandpa, not me", said Matthew bluntly pointing at Rocky.

"Matthew, is this the very girl that you said was raped by Rocky?" Marin asked sneeringly after hearing all this.

Unable to respond, Matthew looked stunned and could not help looking at Evan and Deputy Commander Chen.

But now Evan and Deputy Commander Chen became even more anxious. They had asserted that for sure Sue came out of nowhere, but Matthew admitted that Sue was the victim. Their stories were obviously contradictory and full of holes. Marin's eyes swept over them, sending chills down their spines.

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