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   Chapter 177 I Have Been Set Up Again! (Part Two)

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The next day, Marin gathered the whole army and brought Rocky on trial in front of all the soldiers at the battlefield of the northeast military camp.

As a result, the whole battlefield never looked so crowded as it was today. People filled the whole battlefield so quickly as if this was what they were waiting for their whole lives. The moment Rocky was taken to the battlefield, people around him immediately pointed at him and talked about him one after another. Everyone was saying something that it was almost hard to make out what it was about or who said what.

"This guy is a complete lunatic, a rapist, a cold-blooded killer, and a real disgrace to our entire northeast military camp."

"Yes, you are right. Although he used to be a little weakling, he also had his own skills and reputation. But now, I didn't expect him to be a black-hearted guy who relied on his strength and did so many evil things."

"I'm afraid that after he had killed so many people, his only fate will be a quick death. His first-class merit just meant nothing to him. In the end, he still brings himself his own destruction."

For a moment, the whole battlefield was very noisy and bustling, the voices criticizing Rocky could be heard one after another. Everyone had something to say. In the eyes of almost all the army, Rocky was already notorious and a disgrace to the entire military camp.

Meanwhile, Rocky wasn't the only one getting all the hate. The sixth squad's spirit manipulators were also suffering from the contemptuous looks from the soldiers all around them because Rocky was their captain.

"I didn't expect that our captain was a pervert and a crazy killer. We should have never trusted him so much before!" one of the sixth squad's spirit manipulators complained in a low voice, his eyes full of disdain. They tried so hard to disassociate themselves from him in order to avoid criticism.

"Hey, what are you talking about? Our captain is definitely not that kind of person. Don't forget that he had saved our lives!" Thor retorted back and stared angrily at him as soon as he heard the harsh words about his captain. He believed Rocky so much and he hated to hear anyone say anything to slander him.

"Even though he had saved us bef

ral villagers from the village at the east of the military camp were brought up. They all looked frightened and timid. From an onlooker's point of view, it would seem they were terrified because of Rocky. But in reality, they were scared to die if they did not frame Rocky for the crimes. As soon as they were taken to Rocky's side, they immediately bowed their heads and knelt to Marin.

"Do you all recognize the man near you?" Deputy Commander Chen asked the villagers sternly.

The villagers glanced at Rocky and nodded one after another.

"What did this man do in your village yesterday?" Deputy Commander Chen continued.

"He killed… killed people. And... he also raped a girl in our village..."

"That's right... We all saw what he did with our own eyes."

"He… he often came to our village to rob us of our cattle and sheep..."

The villagers faltered one after another. They stammered as if they were unsure of what they were saying.

"You…" Rocky was stunned and lost for the right words when he heard the villagers made slanderous charges against him. He could only stare at them ferociously, as if he wanted to kill them with his eyes.

The villagers were immediately intimidated and their face grew pale. They had to lower their heads to avoid any eye contact with Rocky. They were in such a tight spot because they were forced to make such accusations against Rocky. If they didn't, they would be killed. So for the sake of their lives, they must be firm in framing him.

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