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   Chapter 176 I Have Been Set Up Again! (Part One)

Ascent of Hero on the Dragon Throne By Fei Xiang Characters: 7673

Updated: 2019-11-20 03:16

Evan had just reached a secret agreement with Deputy Commander Chen, when Rocky was thrown into the prison of the northeast military camp. Rocky's cell was small and isolated.

'I didn't even have the time and freedom to meet Sue for the last time before I was thrown in this prison cell. I didn't even get to say goodbye to her, ' Rocky thought. He was worried about Sue especially because she had just experienced such a crushing tragedy—her beloved grandfather was killed by Mathew, a member of Evan's first squad. He got killed when he tried to stop Mathew from raping his precious granddaughter. If Rocky didn't show up and stop Mathew in time, the situation could have gotten worse. However, it did put Rocky in a dilemma. To avoid punishment, Mathew conspired with Evan to set him up and frame him of the crime Matthew had committed. They made it look like he was the one who tried to rape Sue. He had already explained the situation to Marin. He hoped that smart as she was, she could prove his innocence. Right now, he couldn't do anything. He had to trust her to figure out what truly happened. Rocky put his hands behind his back and lay down on the cold floor. He glimpsed at the gray sky through the barred window in his cell. There wasn't much light coming inside the room, but there was enough to highlight the worried look on his face. His eyes looked tired and his mouth was set into a grim line. This was the second time that he had been put in prison since he traveled to his current world. The last time he was in prison was because of Lena, while this time it was for Sue and her slain grandfather named Jackson. It seemed that his misfortunes involving imprisonment always had something to do with women.

The more he was thinking, the more anxious and confused he got. He just couldn't understand why there were so many terrible people trying to set him up. His head hurt by thinking too much so he shook his head and sat down in a lotus position to clear his head. Instead of wasting his time trying to understand those people, he would rather use it to do something useful. He closed his eyes and regulated his breathing. In just a few moments, he was already concentrating on improving his cultivation base further. Now, he didn't have to be secretive about it. His real c

facts of this case say that he is a murderer and a threat to the public," Deputy Commander Chen reminded deliberately, then bowed to Marin and retreated slowly. He needed to lay it out so smoothly so that she wouldn't suspect any foul play.

"Did he really do all those things?" After seeing Deputy Commander Chen leave, Marin could not help but ask herself such a question. Although Deputy Commander Chen had reported the results of the investigation that it was Rocky himself who really did such shameless things, somehow, deep inside, she still felt a little odd about the whole incident, as if it was not as simple as it seemed. There must have been more to what they had known.

"The whole event still has to be reported to the base camp before I make the decision to punish him. After all, his real identity is still a top secret. Even if he had committed such a heinous crime, I can't punish him simply and hastily before I know who he really is. But if even base camp approves to execute him, then I can do nothing but…" Marin swallowed back the words on the tip of her tongue. She was thoroughly confused. Although the evidence showed that Rocky was guilty, she still hoped that the base camp would cut him some slack and keep his life. She pondered for a moment what to do. The she rushed to get her writing materials and quickly wrote down a detailed letter about the whole event. After that, she went to the beast farm to release her war dragon Verdanim, and let it fly to base camp to deliver the letter for her.

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