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   Chapter 175 More Conspiracy Is Brewing

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Matthew was already feeling quite intimidated by the meaningful look from Marin, and he then saw that Deputy Commander Chen went to investigate under direct orders. Taking into account Marin's implications, he now realized that he was already done. If those villagers testified against him, he would be executed for sure. He could not help directing his gaze to Evan, who might just be the only one that could save him.

Evan caught Matthew's look and immediately understood what he wanted. Fury flashed through his eyes, but he contained it without letting it out.

"Commander, if there is nothing else, I will take my leave of you." Evan bowed to Marin, before instructing someone to take Matthew away.

Soon after, loud sounds of ransacking came from Evan's tent as a figure banged against the wall and then fell on the ground. It was Matthew, whose face was now was twisted in pain as his lower body was once again covered in blood due to his collision with the wall.

"You little bastard! How dare you lie to me! Do you want to die?" Evan stomped on him a couple of more times to let out his rage, looking really furious.

He turned Matthew into a punching bag, letting out all his rage onto him. Matthew had lied to Evan, landing him in an even stickier situation where he couldn't see a way out. Once Deputy Commander Chen found out about the truth, Evan would also be punished for Matthew's crime.

"Captain, I know I made a mistake. I did not know that little turd would have the audacity to come back. Please! For old time's sake, please save me!" Matthew knew that he would definitely lose his life if Evan did not help him. Because of this, Matthew was now willingly taking a beat from Evan. He crawled to his leader and sat up, clinging to Evan's leg and begging him to help. It was very clear that Matthew was a coward who was scared of death and would never learn his lesson.

"Why don't you just die? When Commander finds out, do you think that she is going to let you live? Don't you dare try to drag me down with you!" Evan was infuriated by Matthew's poor judgment. He kicked Matthew with all his might, looking wild and ferocious.

"But captain, you are already in too deep. When Commander finds out what you did, she will be coming after you. You're the one who pointed an eager finger at Rocky in front of everyone and incited everyone to gang up on him. If they find out about the truth, you will be seen as the one who covered up the mistake of your subordinate. Everyone will start to believe that you are simply jealous of Rocky and that this envy was what drove your motivations to eagerly persecute him. You will have a hard time at the northeast military camp." Seeing that begging was not working, Ma

st been implicitly threatened, but he could not deny that Evan had gotten to him already. He was an ambitious man, a characteristic typical of men in his line of work. Marin's position as the commander was supposed to be his. However, after Marin somehow managed to join the Crimson Dragon Group, she was promoted to a commander to lead the northeast military camp and took the position that had been meant for him! She had been very young at the time, still in her early twenties! At first, he had been very resentful about the arrangement. However, he was convinced after he saw her ability to lead as a commander. However, he would never give up his dream of acquiring that position once and for all. After all, there was still a huge difference between a Commander and a Deputy Commander. The former was a leader of an entire army while the latter was relatively less influential.

"If you help me with this, I will pull some strings to make sure that you will become the leader of the northeast military camp after Marin is transferred to the headquarters. I would appreciate your kind recommendation for me to be your second-in-command by then. This way we both get what we want. You know that I am from Ji Clan. Given the status of my family, I can have it done easily with just a snap of my finger. So if you truly understand the situation at hand, you will appreciate my advice. You're an intelligent man, Deputy Commander Chen. I know that you can easily discern what the wise decision is to make. I have said what I came here to say. Now it is up to you!" Evan said with a sly smile before he turned and left.

Deputy Commander Chen looked at Evan growing smaller in the distance and grew solemn, obviously deep in thought. He finally turned back to return to his men, a glint of greed flashing through his eyes.

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