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   Chapter 173 Utterly Detestable (Part Two)

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Rocky's eyebrows knitted as a frown flashed across his face. He sped up instantly and forced his path through the countless ferocious-looking ghost shadows. However, he was bound to bump into the ghost shadows every now and then since he wasn't strong enough to dodge them all. One impact would equate to an attack of Evan's spiritual power to Rocky.

Therefore, when Rocky totally broke through and went out, he looked rather pitiful.

"Ha-ha!" Evan laughed wildly at the sight of Rocky's embarrassed look. Finally! Things became less embarrassing for him.

"Is that all you have?" Rocky said scornfully while staring at Evan.

"I... I will kill you." Evan was entirely enraged at Rocky's words. He flew over to Rocky again and launched furious attacks to him.

Since he had been injured when he got out of the fog, Rocky's power was weakened. More than that, the effect of the magical saliva would also wear off sooner than the last time it was ingested. What was worse, Evan was more powerful than him from the very beginning. Naturally, Rocky was gradually at a disadvantage.

The situation was grim. Without the power of the Holy Dragon Bead, Rocky had no chance to redeem himself and turn the tables.

Before long, Rocky was hit by Evan's palm and spat out a mouthful of blood. As he wiped the corner of his mouth, he braced himself to fight against Evan, not even stopping to catch his breath. Evan was taken aback at such a tenacious style of fighting.

The crowd was also struck dumb with surprise.

Rocky seized the moment and took advantage of Evan's distracted state, shooting out a cloud of luminous nebula which exploded before Evan and forced him to retreat. A blood streak oozed out of the corner of Evan's mouth.

The crowd cried out in alarm as Rocky injured the well-kn

Deputy Commanders looked at one another and knew this was a knotty problem. What made matters worse, Rocky had killed two spirit manipulators. Perhaps he would be put to death. Besides, both of them were startled that Rocky had reached the second grade of the Earthly Stage. Neither of them had previously detected the real power and capability that he had.

Marin entered the tent and sat at the table. Rocky and Evan walked in one after another and stood before Marin. At last, the two Deputy Commanders also entered the tent.

After a short while, Matthew, held by two soldiers, came in. The lower part of his body was wrapped with gauze and blood still oozed out of it.

Seeing Matthew's severe injury, Marin and the two Deputy Commanders turned serious. It could be told that Rocky had been cruel to him.

At the sight of Rocky, Matthew wholly began to freak out. He struggled to free himself from the two soldiers and knelt on the ground before Marin, crying out, "Commander Marin, please do justice for me. I was badly hurt by the beast."

"Matthew, I shouldn't have let you off!" Rocky coldly scolded with a poker face.

Shocked by Rocky's words, Matthew trembled with abject fear.

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