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   Chapter 172 Utterly Detestable (Part One)

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"Damn it!" Evan shouted with rage. He expected he would be able to defeat Rocky with the power at the first grade of the Earthly Stage. However, he never once considered that Rocky could also be at the same grade as he!

Evan was determined not to take his defeat lying down. Under the eyes of the soldiers of the northeast military camp, as a team leader, Evan knew very well that his high prestige and reputation would be damaged if he lost to Rocky. Thinking of this, he rapidly promoted his spiritual power to the second grade of the Earthly Stage. This time, he displayed the spiritual martial arts of which he was most proud, aimed at giving a fatal blow to Rocky.

"The Ghost Fog..." With his spiritual power enhancing, suddenly, dense white fog leapt up around Evan's body and floated towards Rocky, densely enveloping him at once.

"Captain Evan even applied his unique skill!" While the crowd was already startled at Evan's demonstration of the spiritual martial arts, they were even more astonished that Rocky, who was considered as a worthless team leader of the weakest sixth team, would be so powerful that he could drive Evan to use his special skill.

However, they were all convinced that Rocky would be doomed.

Immediately, Rocky felt he was in fog. His surroundings grew hazy. Meanwhile, wild shrieks and howls from ghosts rang in his ears, besieging him from all sides. Any other soldier would probably be scared out of his wits at this experience, let alone the challenge of fighting with Evan in the first place.

But Rocky just stared at one direction, looking as though he was waiting for something.

Very soon, countless ghost shadows gushed out of the fog, launching overwhelming attacks at him. More substantial than illusions, these ghost shadows were formed by Evan's spiritual power. Touching them would incite an attack of this power. Therefore, Rocky was in great dan

ke the initiative to strike first.

"Boom! Bang! Crash!"

Wherever they passed, a cloud of dust and smoke accompanied by loud noises followed in their wake. After a few moments, the earth was scattered about in a mess, trenches and holes scattered everywhere.

Relying on the amazing effect of the magical saliva, Rocky was about to fight with an opponent who was just as capable as he. The winner or loser wasn't clear-cut yet at all.

It was beyond all expectations that Rocky would turn out to be so challenging to deal with. Besides, after a long and drawn-out battle, Evan's spiritual power had reduced sharply. Any semblance of his arrogance had faded away. However, Evan was certain about the implications if Rocky would defeat him. He would be thoroughly discredited in the northeast military camp. He shook his head in defiance. He could not tolerate this defeat which would surely be the end of his power-tripping days!

Mustering all his strength, Evan shouted loudly and summoned the Ghost Fog again. This time, the fog covered a larger area and the momentum of ghost shadows were more ferocious. They blotted out the sky and the land as thickly as stalks in a field of flax, for which the power at the second grade of the Earthly Stage was no match.

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