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   Chapter 171 The Revelation

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"How could this be possible? He has reached the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage?" No one could believe what they had seen. They didn't expect Rocky, someone they had always despised, to turn out to be so powerful and spirited.

While these people gasped in silence, Rocky grabbed the wrist of the spirit manipulator tightly and twisted it in a way that broke his arm.

Following the sound of the bone cracking was an agonized scream full of pain. His face turned pale immediately and he was left vulnerable and exposed. Rocky pounced on the opportunity and kicked him away.

"It was because of all this hidden strength and vigor that even Matthew lost to him." Evan was also surprised to know about Rocky's true potential. Now he understood why Rocky was capable of killing two spirit manipulators at the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage.

The other three spirit manipulators from the first team in front of Rocky were both shocked and enraged to see him hurting their friends. It irritated them that Rocky had concealed his strength earlier, but didn't mind using it now. A short man at the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage noticed Rocky involved in the last fight and decided to use his hidden powers to reach him. Suddenly. he turned himself into a streak of light and dashed towards Rocky.

Rocky saw that, but didn't make a move. His spiritual power grew more and more intense every moment and he landed in the seventh grade of the Mortal Stage. A cloud of shining substances formed at the center of his palm and radiated its glow in all directions. With a thundering sound, his cloud of glow collided with the light of the short man. Seeing Rocky's spiritual power increase even further, all the people stood there rooted to the ground, with their mouths wide open in shock.

That short man hadn't expected Rocky to be so powerful. He too was frozen with awe. Rocky appeared in front of him, as if he came out of nowhere. Wailing and screeching, the man flew backwards, spitting blood. He landed roughly on the ground and found himself terribly injured.

Seeing another one of his men injured, Evan's expression became grim. His eyes blazed with fury and vengeful desire.

"Kill him! Everyone!" Evan shouted out to the remaining two spirit manipulators from the first team. He was bewildered at Rocky's constantly improving strength and now, he was left with no choice but to order his men

his spiritual power which reached the first grade of the Earthly Stage instantly. He was surrounded by glowing spiritual light and the presence he was holding couldn't be matched by the power at the Mortal Stage.

Just then, a deep roar filled the air.

It seemed that Evan didn't want to waste any time. He used the power at the first grade of the Earthly Stage to attack Rocky, considering it would be enough for him.

"Flying Cloud Punch!" Evan yelled and wielded his hands in the air. Streaks of energy broke out and rushed towards Rocky.

Seeing the spiritual martial arts, people thought Rocky would be undoubtedly, defeated. Rocky, at the ninth grade of the Mortal Stage, couldn't stand a chance in front of Evan, at the Earthly Stage.

Defeating their certainty, sparkling lights appeared around Rocky and his spiritual power which had been at the ninth grade of the Mortal Stage suddenly moved to the Earthly Stage exponentially.

"What?! The Earthly Stage?! He is at the Earthly Stage!" Everyone stood still. After all, a warrior at the Earthly Stage was a legend here.

"Nebula Cloud Transformation!" Rocky used fatal powers of the spiritual martial arts to tackle Evan's attack.


In an instant, glistening lights exploded between Rocky and Evan and the waves of the spiritual power rippled in all directions.

A fight between spirit manipulators at the Earthly Stage was a rare occurrence, so all the people there were thoroughly hooked and amazed.

After one round of attacks, both Rocky and Evan were still standing where they had been, unharmed and unmoved.

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