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   Chapter 170 Held Back

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Soon after that, at a run-down cemetery near the village, Sue was kneeling morosely in front of a newly-erected tombstone. She was crying her eyes out as Rocky stood by her side, looking discouraged. Had he arrived earlier, he might have been just in time to save Jackson from Matthew and his men.

"Sue, you should leave this place and start your life elsewhere. The money I left to your grandfather last time is enough for you to have a comfortable life," Rocky suggested gently.

"How can I leave this place? It's all I've ever known! What about you? If I leave, they will definitely come after you. And you can't possibly defend yourself once they get their hands on you." Sue stood up and looked at Rocky. She was genuinely worried about him.

"Don't worry. I can take care of myself. I will send Uriah and Rubygon to escort you first. I need to go back to the military camp to do something first. I'll catch up with you later." Rocky rubbed her head tenderly to console her. He then instructed Uriah and Rubygon to protect her before he took off.

"Mr. Bai..." Sue stared at Rocky's departing silhouette, looking deeply concerned. But she soon snapped out of her silent reverie, gathering her things and leaving along with Uriah and Rubygon. She knew that her being here would seriously impede Rocky's plans.

Although Rocky knew that he would get into trouble the second he reached the military camp, he still decided to go as he had a score to settle with Matthew. As he walked into the military camp, covered in blood, he drew looks from soldiers and spirit manipulators all around.

"Could someone please have this murderer locked up?" Someone barked the order furiously at this moment.

Rocky turned and saw four spirit manipulators led by Evan along with a group of soldiers coming his way, surrounding him completely. There was no way out.

"I can't believe that you had the audacity to come back after you killed two spirit manipulators of my squad. I hope that your strength is as big as your balls." Evan stared at him darkly. Clearly, he already knew that Rocky had killed two of his men and wounded Matthew. Although he had no idea how Rocky managed to do that. It had puzzled everyone as to how even Matthew, who was at the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage, was rendered infertile by Rocky. Evan was fuming with what Rocky had done to his men and wa

id, "Who wants to go first? Or do you want to come at me altogether? I'll wait for your decision."

The four spirit manipulators from the first squad looked stunned, just like everyone else around. They were all wondering how Rocky dared to stand up to them, especially considering that they were much more powerful than he was.

'He must be out of his mind!' everyone thought.

"For someone as pathetic and weak as you, I alone will be more than enough." A tall spirit manipulator with an equine face at the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage strode forward, looking contemptuously at Rocky. He concentrated his spiritual power into his fist and then charged towards Rocky.

Rocky did not even flinch or move a muscle. The spirit manipulator raised his fist, which was shining the light of spiritual power, and struck at Rocky with full force.

Just as everyone thought that Rocky was about to take a bloody beating, he only used his left hand and caught the incoming fist with a calm, unruffled face.

Everyone was shocked to the core to see that Rocky had done this with relative ease, as though he had merely caught a ball thrown at him.

His strike carried the spiritual power of the fifth grade of the Mortal Stage, which normally was way beyond what Rocky could take given his weak strength. But how could he have merely stood there and caught it without at least flinching!?

At this moment, everyone gasped as they began to feel the surge of Rocky's spiritual power. Bit by bit, they could sense that it had reached the sixth grade of the Mortal Stage in a flash!

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